Best Six-Pack Abs Workout You Really Need.



Best Six-Pack Abs Workout You Really Need.


When it comes to core and abs workout you might think crunches are the best exercise for your core and abs but it's not true.

Crunches are not much effective, it is also bad for your neck and spine if you do this long time.

A good core workout can give you a prefect beach body; it can improve your posture, stability and strengthen your core and gives you well defined abs. 

So what is the best and effective exercises for core and abs? 

#1 Planks

plank for abs and core

Planks are most effective exercise you can do at home or anywhere. it don't take much time and plank are easy to do. you can expect much better result with planks if you do it regular.

If you do this exercise regularly, you will notice incredible changes to your body.

planks are good for reducing your stress and helps to improve your mood. 


Why Planks Are Better Than Crunches

  1. Plank are better than crunches for your core muscles: 

    Planks works all core muscles like abdominal muscles,buttocks, transverse and oblique etc.

  2. Reduce your back and spine injury:  

    To reduce difficulty or discomfort of your regular workout, you should make your muscles strong. if you do regular Plank exercise it may helps you to strengthen your back and spine muscles which reduce back pain significantly and provide strong support for your spine, especially its upper part.

  3. Planks improve your stability and core strength:

    If you want to improve your body's balance and stability, do side plank regularly.

  4. improve your posture: 

    you can easily keep your back straight because planks strengthen the abdominal, shoulder,back, neck, and chest muscles.

  5. Good for beginners to improve core strength: 

    planks are easy to perform for beginners.


#2 L-SIT

Holding exercise like L-sit can be very challenging and difficult. this move is great for building strength and abs.

When you do L-sit it work all your major muscles of upper body ( biceps, shoulder, chest, core, obliques, hip flexor )

working on all those muscles definitely improves your isometric holding strength and flexibility.

To perform this move you need enough strength and flexibility.

L-SIT benefits:

  • It works all your core muscles including shoulder, hip flexor, abs and forearms

  • l-sit can improve your isometric holding strength.

  • Good for developing your abs and fat burning.

  • Tighten your stomach, improve flexibility.

  • Improve your strength, weight lifting performance.

#3 Toes To Bar

Toes to bar is a popular body weight exercise done on pull-up bar to get strong core and great abs. the movement is, grab the pull-up bar and touch your toes to top of the bar.

This move helps you with front lever progression if done correctly. 

It can be difficult for beginners because you need some flexibility and enough strength in your lats. 


Toes to bar benefits:

  • Works with your lats, shoulder, legs, and core

  • Tighten your core  and Burns fat

  • Improve your grip and back strength

  • Builds bigger abs

Final Verdict

These are the three exercises to burn fat, get stronger core, and abs. So stop doing crunches, these exercises is more effective and beneficial for you because it will work every muscle on your body, and it can give you fast result.

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