7 Push-up variations For Triceps, Chest & Strength



7 Push-up variations For Triceps, Chest & Strength

Pushups is one of the best body weight exercise for upper body development it is compound movement which works every muscles of upper body such as chest, back, biceps, triceps, abs and core. Pushups are the best exercise for strengthening your core muscles.

progression is necessary in every workout especially when normal pushups are not challenging anymore.

Here are list of the difficult push ups variations that improve your strength, and build muscle mass.

7 Push-up variations For Triceps, Chest & Strength

1. Diamond Push-up

Diamond pushups are similar like regular pushups but very difficult and challenging. It is one of the best body weight exercise for triceps, upper chest also it works with entire core. If you want well defined triceps must include it on your workout.
  • begin with plank position place your hand close and make diamond shape with your hands your hips and core should be straight.
  • Lower slow and keep your elbows in don’t bend your elbows. Return starting position and repeat. 

2. Archer push-up

Archer push-up is an advance push-up variation that works your chest and triceps help you build strength for one arm push-up you should include this on your workout if you want to achieve one arm push-up.
  • begin with plank position, place your hands wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Go down slow.
  • One side of elbow should be straight while going down and other arm goes with regular pushup position.
  • Don’t bend your elbow of straight arm.
  • As a progression you can do it half way if it’s too difficult for you.

3. Spider man push-up

This move is great for your oblique and core.
  • Begin with plank position, place your hands shoulder width apart and keep your body in a straight.
  • As you go down bend your right knee and touch your right elbow, return to starting position and do with left side

4. Decline push-up

Decline push-up for chest and shoulder

Decline push-up is another difficult push-up variation that improves shoulder strength, target upper chest, triceps and core. It also improve your handstand. decline push-up is great for chest and shoulder development.
  • Begin with plank position place your hands on floor shoulder width apart.
  • Place your feet top of the bench, chair or table etc. you can reduce height to make it easier.
  • Keep your back and neck straight.
  • Go down slowly and return to starting position.

5. One leg push-up

One leg push-up
One leg push-up is a variation of regular push-up, raise one leg off to the ground which makes the move difficult and challenging. One leg push-up are good for core and shoulder.
  • Begin with plank position.
  • Place your hands on ground like regular push-up.
  • Raise one leg off to the ground.
  • Go down slow keep your core straight.
  • Return to starting position. 

6. Explosive push-up

Explosive push-up is like regular push-up but you have to push up as quickly as possible. It improves your explosive power this move is very challenging and helps you to achieve clap push-up.

Explosive push up also improves you’re throwing and punching speed.
  • Begin with regular push-up position.
  • Go down slow.
  • Explode up as fast as you can.
  • Repeat as many as you can.

7. Clap Push-up

Clap push up is advance version of explosive push-up to achieve this you have to first practice explosive push up.
  • Try this on soft surface.
  • Begin with regular pushup position.
  • Go down until your chest touches to floor.
  • Explode up fast and clap fast with your both hands.
  • Return to starting position. 


These seven push-up variations are great for building strength, chest, shoulder, core, power and good for development of  your upper body. Do with proper form for maximum benefits.

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