Workout motivation: 10 Best Fitness Motivation Tips


Motivation is an important and powerful tool to succeed in any field. Like any activity, if you exercise without any reason it could be boring or you may lose interest after some time.

Finding a reason can help to see things with different perspective. What i am trying to say, if you get the reason to exercise every day, it will help to keep things interesting, gives you pleasure and the energy to continue it.

Many people easily get bored with their routine because, they do not find the actual reason. Then instead of focusing on workout you pay more attention to mobile phone, to check how many messages you received or scrolling your instagram or facbook.

If such things happening with you then don't worry here are some tips that will help you stay motivated. But, before going to tips you must understand what motivates us.

What Motivates Us

By finding out what motivates us, you can achieve everything you want to. Here is the list of few things to keep in mind.

  • Think those things, what you really care about or what you want to achieve first.
  • Feeling great and useful is one of the best motivator.
  • Identify your strengths.
  • Satisfaction for what is done well is in itself a great motivator.
  • Remind yourself those things time to time that you want to achieve in your life.
  • Visualize your dreams and work on it to make them real.
  • Continuously tell yourself those things and force yourself to improve.
  • Do something that make you feel good about yourself.


How to Stay Motivated during Workout

However, there are many ways, that motivates you, but if you constantly get distracted, following 10 tips will help to get back your motivation.

1. Ask yourself why you started or why you need to start - Its human nature that we lose interest after some time, as we always chase those things that excite us. But when you ask yourself this question "why did i started this" it will give you the reasons and reminds you everything how much effort you did to reach that level.

This can really help you to stay motivated and get you back to your routine. It also gives you a reason to continue with your workout.

2. Set realistic goals - Do you have any goals to start a workout? Many people get gym membership because they want to lose weight, build muscle or want that abs as fast as possible. But it's merely impossible and seems very unrealistic.

After few weeks you realize that you are not getting the result, and then you get de-motivated and stop doing your workout or activity.

However, with patience and consistency is the only way that gives you the result, not only to your body, but also improves your overall health and fitness.

3. Change your old habits and lifestyle - The best thing to motivate yourself is to change your sedentary lifestyle. Because it can give you the reason for improving your physical fitness and changing your poor habits such as lack of physical activity or poor diet. It will encourage you to take the necessary action that will improve your fitness also help you to not giving up on your fitness routine.


4. Enjoy with your workout - if you are getting bored while doing workout, you can choose the exercises that increases your excitement and pleasure. Different activities give different effects and benefits, so you can select which activity is best according to you.

5. Be aware of your strength - Because when a person know what are their strengths or what are they capable of, he/she will never give up on their goals which also motivates you to continue with workout or fitness routine. This will help to achieve your fitness goals, as you are fully aware about your strengths.

So if you set a goal, for example you want to lose weight or gain muscle (depends on you) then you know that "you should have workout for few weeks to months, to achieve that goal" it can help to stay motivated.

6. Understand your physical condition - This is the most important thing, if you don't know what you are doing or why you doing that, soon you will get demotivated.

Best thing you can do is, know the proportion of body fat and muscles, how much fat you have to lose or how many pounds you need to gain. Knowing this can keep things interesting.

7. Track your progress - Progress tracking is the best way to know about your gains and physical changes. Once you start to enjoy your training and find the changes in your body, it is necessary to see your progress and improvements.


so it is good practice to track and record your progress. For example: before you had 20% body fat and now only 14%; Before I was 60kg now, 74kg with great muscle mass and low boy fat. Knowing this is a great way to stay motivated with your fitness routine.

8. Take rest or few days off - Over training is not only bad for your health but also it affect your performance, mood and sleep. Training more than your body can handle is a great demotivator, and soon you will give up from your training program.

Therefore, rest is the crucial thing in any fitness program, because it makes you stronger, improve your performance and increase muscle growth. Taking 48 hours of rest or 2 days off from your workout routine is good for your overall health and fitness.

9. Challenge yourself with different exercises - it is not necessary that you always do the same activity, same routine and exercises usually would be boring overtime. It is recommended to choose what is best for you, but adding variety in your fitness routine that challenge you, not only you get better result, but also keep you motivated.

10. Have a gym or workout partner - However, having a workout partner who encourages us to become a better person is the best motivator. It also boost your confidence and you know that you had someone who always there to help you, to correct your exercise form. Exercising together with other people is a great way to kill boredom.



Knowing what motivates you is the best way to overcome boredom. But not all people gets motivated by same things each and everyone has different thinking and different perspective.

However, self-motivation is the thing you should think at first. In this article i cover almost everything which can really helpful and motivate someone, hope this article helped you.

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