Why do i look good in the mirror but bad in photos?

The real reason why we look ugly in photos


You look yourself in the mirror and see a handsome or beautiful looking face, then you open camera and take a selfie or ask your friends to take a good snap. After looking at the picture your reactions might be, "oh god, delete this, why i am looking bad please delete it now" like this.

You look funny, bad or ugly on every snapshot and feel insecure in front of the camera?

However, it is not only you but also, most people face same problem. Studies found that, there is a psychological aspects behind it, when we do not find ourselves attractive in pictures.

Most of the time you take a picture or selfie in your favorite outfit, or favorite hairstyle and still the picture looks like dull and unattractive face, dark circles under the eyes, or you haven't slept last night, which makes us miserable.

And then you ask yourselves, do I really look that awful and terrible in photos? In reality, no you don't.

Why you look good in mirror and not in photos

Because we use mirror to style the hair, while doing makeup, and for correcting the appearance, we don't use cameras for that purpose. Besides, we react more confidently to things we see very often. Since you look yourself everyday in mirror, you get used to this mirrored image, and camera reverses the image which makes your face look bad.

On photos you see inverted image of yourself

When we look in the mirror, it shows our face upside down. In photo, remove this reflection. So you see the face you are not used to and therefore do not find yourself attractive. Because we do not see our mirrored image on the photo, but correctly aligned. Whatever you suddenly see that you are not used to, we consider this unfamiliar and thus unattractive.

Camera angle matters

To take a perfect snap camera angle plays important role, that's why you take more than one selfie or photo with different angles, then compare all the photos to find the most attractive picture. Also Different angles help to correct the small issues such as sunlight, exposure which help to take a perfect selfie.

Good lighting can help

When you take a picture in proper light, a perfect pose and angle it will definitely help you to look good in photos. Try to take snap without using flash lights because it can ruin your photo instead try natural lights. A good lighting is important that help you appear attractive in a photo.


Don't worry about how bad you look in a picture because this is not a reality, your brain is just play a trick which confuses you.

Since you are used to mirror image, that's why you find your real appearance in photos unattractive. So in reality, you are not ugly at all, you just look different than usual in a camera photos. If you want to look good, you can try some filters, change the direction of camera and pose, which makes your face more attractive in photo.

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