Calisthenics Vs Gym (weight training) Which is better And Benefits

In this article you will know the differences between calisthenics vs the gym and which one is better for you.

Benefits of calisthenics and gym

Calisthenics and gym both has their pros and cons. Both are good for building muscles, strength, power as well as endurance. I personally prefer calisthenics because you can do it anytime anywhere, and doesn’t need gym membership isn’t that good?

What is calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a bodyweight training where you can perform only bodyweight exercise to build impressive strength and power in your body. The main purpose of calisthenics is to improve agility, physical strength and flexibility.

Calisthenics considered as safe activity which has low risk of injuries, especially in the lower back or abdominal muscles. It is good for your overall muscles development, it help to fix your bad posture and maintain your fitness.

To start calisthenics you need minimum equipment such as pull up bar and a dip bar. You can easily find them in park.

Main exercises of calisthenics

  • Push ups
  • Pull-up
  • Dips
  • Squats

There are many advance moves you can do such as, handstand push-up, muscle up, explosive push-up, one leg squats and many more which takes some time to learn them.

Difference between calisthenics and gym

Calisthenics - It does not require any external weight or expensive equipment and can be performed with body weight only. Calisthenics good for overall body development because every exercise train multiple joints or muscles, there is no isolation movement

Gym - It requires equipment for each and every workout i.e. dumbbell, treadmill, lifting machines. Gym is good for particular muscles development because you can do isolation movement with weights.

Benefits OF Calisthenics

  • Only body weight exercises such as pushing, pulling, and explosive movements. These exercises are great for overall body development as they train more than one muscle at a time.
  • In Gym, you just lift weights, for example bench press, dumbbell, over head press, etc. you need external resistance. In calisthenics all resistance is just your body weight which build impressive strength.
  • No expensive equipment needed: if you don’t have any equipment no problem you can do your calisthenics workout like push up, squats, burpee and many more. if you want to try some advance move, you will need a pull up and dip bar.
  • Helps you build strength: calisthenics exercises is challenging like pull up and dips which work your overall upper body. You can even try different variations of these exercises.
  • Burns fat: yes, you can burn your overall body fat, because the compound movement burns fat much faster.
  • Build muscles: calisthenics build amazing muscles in your whole body. However it takes some time to build muscles.
  • Gives you great natural looking body: if you don’t like that bulky look then calisthenics is good option.
  • Skill training: calisthenics have numbers of skills that you can learn i.e. handstand, human flag, Planche, muscle up, L-sit, V-sit etc. you will never get bored with calisthenics.

Disadvantages of calisthenics

  • No isolation workout, you can’t train your weak muscles or build big muscles with calisthenics.
  • all exercises are compound which works multiple joints.
  • Progression is difficult than lifting weight.
  • You can’t expect faster result with calisthenics.
  • Difficult for beginners, because doing a single push up can be challenging if you are new to calisthenics or if you are overweight.

Benefits of gym (weight lifting)

  • Faster muscles development: muscle building is much easier with weight training. You can target single muscle with weight training.
  • Builds big muscles: Isolation exercise can build amazing muscles than body weight training. If your goal is to build bigger muscle, weight training would be a better option for you.
  • Progression is easy: with weight training you can increase your resistance by adding more weight which is good for increasing your strength.
  • Trainer support for fitness plan and exercises that you do in gym.

Disadvantages of gym

  • If not done with proper form you can injure yourself temporarily or permanently.
  • Gym costs money
  • Most of the time, Gym can be overcrowded.
  • Gym can be boring overtime, or you may lose interest with same routine and exercises.


Both gym and calisthenics have their pros and cons. You can choose what is best for you according to your goal. I choose calisthenics because I like natural look. If you want to get bigger or calisthenics is too difficult for you, should go with gym. Both calisthenics and gym or weights training are good in their places.

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