How to Text & Get Back Your ex After no Contact

It's very difficult to get out of the breakup, especially when you feel so much for your ex girlfriend/boyfriend. People stop talking to each other after a breakup, it's absolutely normal not to talk to your ex-bf or gf for a while.

After few weeks you miss them, your first date and the memories you made together. Although, you've breakup doesn't mean that the contact between you completely over. Might be your ex still have feelings for you, because it take some time to move on from the person you love.

However, communication is a solution of many problems. With patience, right text at perfect time can help to get back your ex. Nowadays text messaging via social platforms is the most common method used to communicate with people. So you can take advantage of such platforms to contact with your ex and reignite the spark in relationship.

If you want to get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend attention, then you should not miss this tips, keep reading this article.


8 Tips to get Back your ex After no Contact

1. Stop Texting or Contacting your ex for few Weeks

You have just break up for any reason, at this point, you and your ex mind would be full of negative thoughts. Initiating contact just after breakup can ruin your chances.

The most common mistake many people do is; they beg to come back, it is the worst thing that not only makes you look weak but also, it shows that you are not capable of handling the difficult situation.

But, it doesn't matter what you really want to tell your ex because, during that time your emotions would be too intense and your ex also not in that state to understand the conversation.

So better not to contact for few weeks right after the breakup. You may feel angry, but that's normal when a relationship ends. Just like you need some time to recover from this situation, your ex also need some time to realize what's right or wrong.


2. Think Before Initiating Contact

It's not easy to recover communication, sometimes it would be frustrating when your ex doesn't reply your text.

Although, if you send him/her wrong message at inappropriate time, possibly you could ruin any chance you had. You have to think twice before sending a text because now the right text is only thing that could help to get your ex (girlfriend or boyfriend) back.

Keep in mind that, first text will open or closes the door to win your ex back. You can start your conversation normally by sending "How are you doing".

Once she or he replies to your message, you should talk only normal topics or you can talk about good memories that remind your ex something special you did together.

Avoid such topics that make them feel uncomfortable; else your ex will stop replying your text.

3. Avoid This Mistakes while Texting your ex

Mistakes is common in every relationship but after breakup you and your ex already dealing with the previous negative experiences. Besides, your ex already has the reason to stay away from you, doing same mistakes again and again will definitely kill your chances to win him or her back.

Going back to past relationship problems can possibly end the conversation. You should listen what the person is saying and then respond according to their reply.

If the person is not replying quickly, don't force or beg for their reply. Give him/her some time to think. Overly aggressive behavior while texting can push you far away.

Positive mindset will always help you to get ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back. Stay confident and believe in yourself that you will succeed to get your ex back.

You should wait for the right moment because after a breakup, both of you would be emotionally unstable.


4. Don't act Like Needy or Desperate

Being needy or desperate is considered as weak person, nobody wants to stay with such kind of person. You have to stay strong, begging for her attention will not only push your far away it also irritate them.

You should understand that your relationship is over, now you are no more together and not the important person in their life.

Don't send texts like that "I missed you so much, I will change for you, please come back, i can't live without you" or something like that. It will make your ex think like that "such a weak person" and you lose all the possibilities of winning your girlfriend or boyfriend heart.

It's better to talk with them like you are talking to someone you know. Let them know that you are doing well in your life without that person.

5. Never text When you're Drunk

Texting while you are drunk is the worst mistake many people do after breakup. You should avoid this especially when it comes to texting your ex.

It's difficult to control your feelings after getting drunk, probably you will burst out with your true feelings which could be good or bad.

Then you will wake up with a hangover and regret after watching your text. Such kind of behavior you should avoid at any cost if you want to get your ex back.


6. Make a perfect first impression

The first impression is the most powerful and important thing that can help to succeed for winning your ex heart. If everything is done well during the conversation, the person will never hesitate to contact you again.

On the other hand if you failed to impress her or him during your first conversation, they will not only ignore you, but also you will lose the precious chance that you had.

If you want to impress your ex then you should keep things interesting during the conversation, because she/he not there to listen your boring stories.

But how you can keep your conversation interesting and funny? Forget about your past while talking to that person. You know what your ex likes or dislikes. Try to make the conversation based on their interest or bring back some memories that you can relate.

Think of some positive experiences you share, like a favorite movie, a vacation, that only the two of you share, and so on. Sending the first text after the non-contact period is really difficult, so it's important that you don't mess it up completely.

7. Forget the past and Start a new Beginning

You might be still angry or hurt over your breakup, and that's normal. But there's no benefit of discussing about your breakup via text message, especially if you want to get them back and start over again.

Sending an angry text message to your ex after breakup is the most common mistake many people do, but such messages won't help you.

Even if you don't agree with your ex about the main reasons for the breakup, try to stay calm and control the situation, let everything settle first, then you can talk about the reason which can help to understand each other.

However, you must try to avoid discussing about your past issues because there is no point to fight over past, if you want to restart your relationship.


8. Don't Talk Like Best-friends

You must keep the conversation interesting if you don't want to get friend-zoned by your ex. Talk like they are still your girlfriend or boyfriend. If your ex is not showing any interest then you can try to bring back the best memories that you shared together.

This way you can bring their mind to those memories. Doing this once in a while is a good way to make your ex miss you. Sooner or later, he or she may start to feel like the same way as you feel for your ex.

Most Important things to Remember if you Want Your ex Back

Here are the full list that may help you.

  • First and most important thing is, try to avoid any kind of contact for the first month right after your breakup. I know it's difficult but having no contact will help you get back your ex.
  • Let your ex initiate conversation at first, when you completely stop texting your ex, they may start to think why did he or she did not contact me, is he/she doing good without me? which make them curious to initiate contact with you, Because they wants to know about you.
  • Instead of missing your ex, you can utilize that time to improve yourself, learn new skills that will boost your confidence. Believe it or not confidence is the attractive thing.
  • After breakup most people start thinking about their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. You should keep those thoughts in your mind as long as possible, because your absence makes them miss you.
  • Once your ex text you during no contact period, Don't reply immediately wait for few minutes or try to reply after an hour, This way you will let him-her know that you have more important things to do, than replying to your ex.
  • If your ex still did not text you during no contact period, then you can try to initiate a conversation.



If everything done right by you then it can increases the chances of getting you both together again. And when your ex come back, never repeat the same mistakes you made ans always try to improve yourself.

However, if your ex still don't want to get together then it's time to move on because the other person doesn't value you. So there is no point to trying and wasting your precious time.

All of these steps will surely help you and if you like this article you can share with your friends or comment down below.

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