How To Flirt with Women and Men: 9 Flirting Moves

Flirting is a way of telling that you are attracted to a person. It shows that you are sexually attracted to them. Flirting is an art and you need self-confidence to flirt with the person you like. Sometimes it's quite difficult to flirt because of nervousness or lack of techniques but, after knowing this 9 flirting moves even you can playfully flirt with your crush. So don't skip this article in middle.

Top 9 Flirting Moves

1. Smile

Smiling is a part of human life which is a sign of happiness and helps you to connect with people. It also spread positive vibes around people. As you know everyone wants to be surrounded with positivity and positive people. We often get attracted towards those who are happy in their life, which also make them feel comfortable around you.

Starting a conversation with a big smile can be impressive to the person. We smile often especially when you talk with loved ones, it's an automatic response. Always give a big smile to make them feel comfortable with you.

Few tips
  • if you are talking with a him/her then make eye contact and smile, You can also use your eyes to make it look natural.
  • Smile when person suddenly looks at you.
  • Make your smile more attractive by practicing in the mirror.

2. Getting Caught Looking at Them

These are the powerful flirting move which can let people know you are interested in them. It's natural human behavior, we tend to look whatever we find attractive. But most people look away when they get caught looking. This generally shows that you are lack of confidence. Instead of looking away you can hold eye contact little bit longer with a smile then look away. This is the best way to let them know you are interested to that person.

3. Keeping Eye Contact

Eye contact is the simplest form of flirting and holding eye contact with someone is the easy way to start flirting. During conversation it is best thing to maintain eye contact with the person. You can maintain eye contact for some time or it is better if you hold it for little bit longer. This can help to keep things interesting between you.

Few tips to follow
  • Look at them with calm and relaxed eyes, don't open your eyes too wide else it will look weird.
  • Give them some positive facial expression like raising eyebrows or wink
  • When person caught you looking, don't turn your face, try to hold eye contact for few seconds and give a smile.
  • If you are talking with someone, then make eye contact when they say anything interesting.

4. Wink

Studies says that when a person gets excited about something or feel attraction towards someone their pupils dilate and blinking increases. So when you wink it shows that you are interested in them. Winking is a way of showing that they are exciting.

Winking has many meanings but most of the time it is consider as sign of flirting. Winking communicates few things such as, showing affection, to share secrets and there are number of reasons to wink. You can wink, when person tell you something interesting and funny.

5. Asking Questions that increases Excitement

To keep your conversation interesting ask them questions that kill boredom this can make them feel comfortable with you. you can ask them such types of questions.
  • You can ask about any special or normal queries. You can ask them questions like "what is the interesting story behind that"
  • For example, your watch is looking good, anyway whats the interesting story behind that?
  • You can ask them about their goals which also help to kill the boredom.
  • Asking such types of question can give you topics to discuss and improve your communication skills. It also keep your conversation interesting and funny.

6. Use Body language

Body language is the best way to communicate your intention. It is used to express the information without saying any words. You can try following.
  • Waving, if your crush caught you looking, then wave with a smile, it is a flirty way to say hello to your crush.
  • Make yourself appear confident in front of your crush, don't cross your arms its sign of shy and uninterested person.
  • Winking also good for flirting that communicate your intentions.

7. Hand or Arm Touching

During the conversation or any fun moment you can touch his/her hand for a moment, but place your hand lightly and be careful. You can also touch him or her hand during walking. If they don't like it or pull away then don't do it again because some people don't feel comfortable at beginning.

Note: Don't do this with strangers.

8. Compliment before Leaving

After having a great conversation you can give them compliment like this "hey, i enjoyed a lot talking to you, it was fun and i liked it. Wish i could spend more time with you, But i have to go now. i hope we will meet again". It can help you build more confidence and increase your chances to meet again with the person you was talking. Sometimes people exchange their contact numbers, when you compliment them before leaving.

Few tips to follow
  • Maintain eye contact during complimenting.
  • Smile and then leave.
  • You can use body language such as waving (to say bye).

9. Leave Before it Gets Bored

Most men make this mistake they don't leave conversation early. You must know that there are many advantages of leaving conversation early as it shows you are confident and have others important things in your life. Don't flirt for long time or until it begins to get boring, this can makes you feel like failure. Flirting should be fun and leaving early makes you feel like winner.

Other Tips

  1. Don't flirt if you are not romantically interested in someone, else it just waste your time.
  2. Don't act like needy person or wait until other person gets bored, keep it short and simple.
  3. You can say their name to get attention but don't overdo it.
  4. Flirting should be fun, If somebody rejects you then accept that and move on.
  5. Stop using your mobile when you flirt, It shows that you are more interested in texting with someone else.
  6. Avoid asking boring questions, keep your conversation interesting and maintain eye contact.
  7. Don't force or flirt if they don't like it or not interested in you, as it considered as harassment.


Following techniques are proven that works most of the time but not always. it also depends on how you approaching or flirting with them or how the person is interested in you.

Remember that don't take flirting seriously. It should be fun and entertaining.

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