11 Benefits of Walking Daily & Other Tips of Walking

benefits of walking

Walking is the basic daily activity that gives numerous health benefits. Do you know 30 minutes of walking can improve your cardiovascular fitness, lung capacity, Strengthens your bone and tone your legs. Besides this it also help you to control your weight by improving your metabolism.

Walking is fun and free activity you can do anytime to improve your fitness. Read here all the health benefits of walking and how it can improve your fitness level.

Benefits of walking

1. Reduce your body fat by burning calories

Walking is a low intensity activity that effectively burn calories and aid weight loss. So when you burn calories it helps you to maintain or lose weight.

You can also try brisk walking which increases your walking intensity and speed up calories burning.

A study found that when you increase the speed of your walking it burns 20 percent more calories compared to slow or maintained pace walking.

2. Walking promote better heart health

Physical activity like walking can improve your heart and cardiovascular fitness. Research found that when you do 30 minutes of walking five days a week it not only improve your cardiovascular fitness but also reduces coronary heart disease risk up to 19%.

3. Strengthens bones and improved joints

Regular walking is just like training your bones and joints because walking has great impact on your lower body. Walking can slows down bone loss that comes with ageing.

A study shows that women who walk more than 7.5 mile a week had high bone density compared to those who walk shorter distance or less than 1 mile per week.

Walking ease your joint pain as it improves lubrication in joints and strengthens the muscles which support joints.

4. Improved blood circulation and control blood pressure

Circulation is important function of our body and normal blood circulation delivers oxygen throughout the body which help to remove waste and prevent from various health issues.

Walking is the activity which elevates your heart rate resulting better circulation throughout the body. Just 10-20 minutes of brisk walking can boost your circulation which is important for better cardiovascular system.

Because of improved circulation, walking also helps to regulate your blood pressure. Regular walking can help to lower your blood pressure and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

5. Improve your mood

Walking can calm your mind and promote better mental health. A study shows that 10 minutes of brisk walking and meditation both are effective in improving your mood.

Physical activity is best and natural way that can give you mood boost and promote better mental health.

6. Gives energy boost

When it comes to energy boost walking are the better than drinking a cup of coffee. A study shows that low or medium pace stairs walking are more effective in boosting your energy levels than 50mg of coffee.

If you ever feel tired try 20-30 minutes of walking to boost your energy levels, walking also increase the hormones which help to increase your energy levels.

7. Improve Immune system

Walking can strengthen your immune system which may help you to fight of common cold and flu.

Physical activity can increase your white blood cells which protect you from illness. Studies also shows that any moderate or low intensity activity like 30 minutes of walking can improve health and reduces the chances of getting sick.

So if you want to get these benefits you should walk at least 30 minutes which are good for your health.

8. Reduces Stress

Stress are never ending which cause various health issues when left untreated. But walking can reduce the release of stress hormone which can promote better good night sleep and improved focus.

9. Good for toning your leg muscle

If you want to tone your leg muscles with walking try to increase your walking speed. You can also walk on hilly area or inclined surface which increases the difficulty of your walking. Walking on stairs could be a good idea.

Combining your walking with other exercises can gives you much more benefits. There are many exercises you can do with your walking such as jumping rope, squats which also gives you a full body workout and improve your legs strength.

10. May help you live longer

Walking 20-30 minutes a day may lower the chance of early death.

Research found that walking with moderate pace could lower the 20 percent risk compared to slow pace walking. Whereas brisk walking can cut the 24 percent risk.

Besides this, physical activity lowers the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and others cause.

11. Walking improves digestion

Many people go for walk after eating because it help you to digest food. Walking helps your body to control glucose which lower the blood sugar resulting better digestion.

Walking after a meal is really beneficial for digestive system.

Few tips before starting walk

  • Walk in a area that are safe for walking
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes
  • If you are beginner or never take long walk, then start with only 10 minutes of walking, then increase your time gradually.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Use apps such as google fit that track your steps, distance and duration of walking.
  • Drink water and stay hydrated before walking it prevents you from dehydration.

How to make your walking enjoyable

  • Walk with your dog in morning or evening.
  • Ask your friends to join you
  • Think positive and tell yourself that how walking is good for better health.
  • Set goals such as 10k steps everyday it will motivate you for walking.


Walking are the physical activity that are suitable for younger to old age people. If you want to improve your health then you can do other exercises with walking like skipping rope, jumping jacks, lunges, squats, and plank. You can start with 10 minutes of walking then gradually make progress such as 10k steps.

Always do some warm up before walking and do stretching exercises after that to relieve muscle pain. If you have any health issue then talk with your doctor before starting any exercise or physical activity.

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