6 Benefits of Strengthening Core Muscles

core exercise
When it comes to building strong core many people do crunches to strengthens the core muscle. Core exercises are the important part of fitness which helps to develop well defined physique. Training your core has many benefits. A strong core can help you with many regular activities, it also build and tone your abs.

What is core muscles

Most people think core is abdominal or six pack but, it is more than that. Core is center of our body which includes rectus abdominis, Obliques (internal and external), erector spinae and pelvic muscles. Core muscles help to stabilize, move and support your spine and pelvis. The core muscles play important role in your physical activities. Having strong core helps to prevent injuries as it improve strength of your midsection and back muscles.

Benefits of Strong Core:

1. Strengthens and Prevent your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common sign of having a weak core. To overcome from this problem it's important to strengthen your core muscles. Core support your spine, if your core is not strong enough then it put stress on your spine during the activities. However, strong core reduces the overuse of spine, and your body starts using core muscles for regular activities.

2. Improve Your Balance

Our daily activities such as walking, running and other sports activities depends on core muscles. The main reason behind poor balance is weak core. When your core gets stronger it improves balance as it stabilize your pelvis muscle resulting better balance and stability. Core exercises also strengthen your abdominal, hips and back muscles which help to maintain your balance and reduce the risk of falls.

3. Better Posture

When your back and abdominal get stronger it automatically improves your posture. If you have problem to maintain your posture probably your core is weak. Stable core support your spine and pelvis resulting better posture. A good and correct posture improve your appearance and makes you look better. It also improves your metabolism as it requires some effort to maintain posture than slouching, resulting more energy uses.

4. Makes Easier your Regular and Other Physical Activities.

Your regular activities involve bending, turning, walking, jumping and many others which use your core muscles. Strong core muscles are important for athletes such as marathon runners, which reduces the risk of fatigue and injuries it can also help to improve your performance.

5. Core Exercises Tone your Abdominal Muscles

To build abs many people thinks crunches are better but the fact is core exercises are more effective that build and tone your abs. Try some core exercises if you want improve your abdominal definition. However, you need other fat burning exercise to reveal your abs such as cardio exercises.

6. Help you Reach Your Fitness Goal

Strength training and aerobic exercises is important part of fitness program. But include core exercises to make your fitness routine effective. A strong core also improves your lifting performance because it helps to stabilize your body.

Core Exercises

Most of the core exercises don't need any equipment or gym membership. Any exercise that uses such as abdominal and lower back muscles is consider as core exercises. You can try following exercises to stabilize and improve your core strength:
  • Plank including side plank
  • Crunches
  • Bicycle crunch
  • Push ups
  • Russian twist
  • Mountain climbers
  • Leg raises
  • Flutter kicks
  • Bridge
  • L-sit or tuck L-sit
  • Plank shoulder taps
Do 5 minutes of warmup before doing these exercises.

Benefits of Core Strengthening exercises

  1. Burn your calories and help you to get flat stomach.
  2. Improve your core muscles strength.
  3. Improve your Balance and muscle Coordination.
  4. Stabilize your pelvis and improves posture.
  5. Reduce risk of lower back pain and injury.
  6. Improve your cardiovascular function and fitness.
  7. Improve your mood and focus.
  8. Better circulation.

Strong and stable core is important that help you with regular activities and prevent injuries also improve athletic performance. Many exercises help to improve your core strength, any exercise that uses your core muscles such as squats, pushups and plank.

Daily activity involves bending, leaning and turning movement require core stability. It also reduces overuse of spine which reduces your lower back pain.

It's recommended to get any trainer advice before working your core for your safety. They help you with proper form and techniques that help you build stable and strong core.

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