Pushup Benefits - 10 Surprising Benefits of 100 Pushups a Day

Push-ups are the upper body exercise. They are good for building strength that works on your triceps, chest muscle (Pecs), shoulder and core.

It's easy and safe exercise you can do anywhere and anytime.

Doing 100 pushups a day is best way to improve your endurance and power, also you can try different variations such as archer push up, and diamond push ups for building more strength.

Benefits of Push-up

Full body Workout and Improve your Functional Strength

Push ups may help you to get fit, as it strengthens your upper body and train your major muscle groups together. It activates your large muscles such as your chest (pectoral muscle), triceps, shoulder, arms. Push-ups also use your core and lower back muscles. Working on these muscles will help to build strong upper body.

Push-up Increases Testosterone in the Body

At certain age your body produces fewer hormones such as testosterone. Low testosterone levels may increase the risk of disease and affect your body in various ways. Exercises are the effective way to maintain or improve your testosterone levels.

Doing push-up daily helps to slow down the ageing process and improve your testosterone production in the body. Testosterone is an important hormone which helps to build muscles and promotes healthy body.

Push-up Helps to Build Muscle Mass

Muscle mass are essential thing for body that helps to burn extra calories. Having more muscles has many benefits, but as we age our muscle mass decreases that hamper your calorie burning capacity.

Regular exercise or push-ups helps to maintain or increases the muscle mass. However, for more benefits you can increase the number of reps, sets and do it with other exercises such as crunches or squats.

Push-up Tone your Upper Body

Exercise helps to burn excess calorie and trims your body fat, which makes your muscles appear sharp and well defined. No wonder push ups are considered best upper body exercise.

When you do push-up with correct form, it engage your core muscles and keeps your back straight which helps to burn belly fat. Push ups also tone your chest, shoulder and triceps muscles.

Improve your Cardiovascular Fitness

Compound exercise such as push-up, requires more energy to perform the move, which elevates your heart rate that strengthen your heart muscle. This enhances your heart capacity to pump more oxygen rich blood to your muscle tissue.

It is an effective cardiovascular activity which improves your heart health and helps to cut down body fat.

Stronger Core

They not only help to tone your abs but also strengthen your core muscle such as abdominal, pelvis and your lower back. If you want to improve your core strength then push-up is the best exercise you can start as a beginner. Having a strong core has many more benefits that help you with your regular activities.

Better Posture, balance and stability

A bad posture is a sign of weak core, to stand straight and maintain your posture you need strong core. Doing push up with correct form activates and strengthens those muscles that help to maintain your posture.

It also improves your balance and stability as it strengthens core muscle that keeps your body stable and balanced. While doing push-ups you try harder to keep your core straight and engaged, that improve your balance.

Does not Require Equipment

It is a body weight exercise, you can do free of cost which also saves your gym expenses. While doing push-ups all you need is a healthy body.

Push ups effectively build muscle mass in your upper body and gives you a full body workout which improve your health and fitness level.

Improve your Fitness Level and Strength

Push ups are considered as upper body strengthening exercise for numerous reasons. To lift heavy weights you need a strong upper body and basic strength in your shoulder, chest, arms and core, that could strengthens by push ups.

It also improve your energy levels and overall body structure. Doing 100 push-ups will not give you big results but, definitely gives you good results.

Strengthen your Bone and Improve Sleep

Regular exercise can help build strong bones and improve your bone density or slow down the loss of bone density that comes with age. Doing push ups may help you to maintain or improve your strength and bone mass.

It can also boost your mood and alertness during day time and improve your sleep during night.

Push-ups Benefits: Last-Line

Doing push up daily is beneficial for health, it can help to build strength and tone your upper body muscle. Many other benefits are better cardiovascular health, improved core and shoulder strength.

But, make sure take some days off because doing push-ups everyday is not good for your joints such as wrist and shoulder joints. Few more risks are elbow and lower back pain. To reduce such risks you should do push ups with correct form.

To get more benefits you should also do other exercises with push-ups to achieve better physique.

If 100 push ups are too difficult for you then start with 30-50 push-ups and increase your number gradually as you get stronger.


  1. Funny I started a challenge with a group of girls. 100 push ups a day. I also started a challenge of 30 burpees a day. I am doing both along with my 5 minute planks. 3 day a week home workouts and occasionally jumping on a rebounder. I am 60 years old. I have osteoporosis and I have been weight training since college....��‍♀️ Let's see how this goes when I am back at the gym. Will I look better when I get back to the gym🤷‍♀️

  2. Yep exercise can help but as you said you're 60 years old so you should get any doctor or expert advice before starting any exercise. Anyways stay safe and healthy.

  3. Thank you so much this article was extremely detailed as well as encouraging.

  4. Glad you liked it.

  5. Once you can do a few, it will become easier to increase reps. For me the first rep in a set is always the most difficult. I can do 50 as a 66 year old female but I like the diamond pushups better because I have large strong triceps and they feel more comfortable. There are many variations and I always love doing them as a finish movement after doing triceps or chest.

  6. @curlcutie, sounds like you have really strong triceps because diamond push-up are much difficult than regular push ups, that's great. 🙂

  7. @3Rau
    Thank you for the advice but I have been training since my 20’s. My doctor knows what I am doing...lol
    I told her about my challenge when I went in two days ago because I had some complaints in reference to something else.....she knows how I am with weight training since she's known me.....lol
    My challenge is to get other girls to try and do at least one of the things I am doing. I do all three of my challenges every night, and actually my back pain is feeling better, yay. Turning back time.

  8. @cutipie,
    Yeah exercise improve your blood circulation as well as it strengthens your core and other muscle which decrease your Muscle pain. glad to know, your back pain getting better. stay strong, healthy, safe and keep motivating others


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