Plank Exercise Benefits: 9 Reasons You Must Do Plank Daily



Plank Exercise Benefits: 9 Reasons You Must Do Plank Daily

Plank Benefits and why Planks Are Best Core Exercise For You

benefits of plank
Plank are simple and very effective bodyweight exercise that not only works your core but also entire body. Doing plank everyday is good for improving your core strength, balance and many more benefits you can get.

If you do this exercise regularly, you will notice incredible changes to your body. plank are good for reducing your stress and help to improve your mood. You can expect much better result with planks if you do it daily.

9 Amazing Benefits of Plank Exercise If You Do This Daily

1. Plank Helps to Build Strong Core

Strong core helps you with regular activities because it maintains your balance and stabilizes your body, so when it comes to building a strong core, doing plank could improve your core strength as it works your entire core muscles such as internal and external obliques, abs muscles (rectus abdominis) and transverse abdominis.

Working all those muscles helps to improve your core strength and make your regular activities such as walking, running, bending and turning movement easier.

2. Improves Balance and Stability

Core exercise like plank trains your abdominal muscles, hips, back muscles and pelvis. Strengthening this muscles lead to better balance and stability that help you with your daily activities. During plank you try harder to make your body stable because of the isometric hold position, this will also improve your overall balance and coordination.

3. Better posture

A better posture is a symbol of healthy, confident and strong body, Planking are the full body exercise and very effective that improve your posture. Having a strong posture have numerous benefits as it makes your sitting and standing comfortable for long time.

To improve your posture you need a strong core, spine and upper body. Doing planks strengthens your back, shoulders, chest and spine muscles that improve your posture and make you look more attractive and healthy.

4. Ease Back pain

A stronger core helps you to reduce back pain because your body uses core muscles for daily activities instead of back muscles which reduce the back pain. A strong core muscles are crucial to body as it support the whole body including your neck and spine and back.

As your entire core become stronger which make your body aligned and good, which reduces the chances or less likely suffers from back pain.

5. Sharpen your Muscle Definition

If you want well defines abs then plank are the best exercise for abdominal muscles. But plank not only improve your abs definition, it also improves and strengthens the muscles in your shoulder, arms, chest, and back. The isometric hold of plank put your muscle under tension which helps to increases your lean muscles and sharpen your muscle definition.

6. Burn More Calories

Planking is a very challenging full body exercise because it burn more calories than traditional abdominal exercises like crunches or sit-ups. Planking also improve your muscle mass which improve your metabolism. So better metabolism also helps you burn more calories during resting.

If you don't have a time for workout then planking everyday for few minutes will help you to maintain your weight as it keeps your metabolic rate elevated

7. Improves mood and eliminate stress

Exercising daily have great impact on your physical and mental health. Plank or any other physical exercise are natural stress killer because it trigger neurotransmitter endorphins in the brain that help to improves your mood and help you sleep better.

Doing planks for few minutes are crucial for physical and mental health as it may help to reduce stress, increase your feeling of happiness and improves your mood.

8. May Improve Flexibility

Flexibility are one of the important part of fitness routine, Planking not only strengthens your entire core but also stretches your muscles such as shoulders, arms, and legs. With different variations you can target different muscles, like side plank works on your obliques.

9. You Can Do It Anytime And Anywhere

It is just a bodyweight exercise which doesn't need any special equipment, all your resistance is only your bodyweight. You can make plank more challenging with different variation such as side plank, one leg plank and weighted plank to increase difficulty of the exercise.

How to Do Plank For Beginners

plank for beginners

To get most of the benefits of plank you should it with proper form. Follow the tips if you want to do plank with proper form.
  • Start with push-up position on the ground.
  • Bend your elbow to 90 degree that will put weight on your forearm.
  • Engage your core and keep your back straight and natural.
  • Look at the floor to reduce neck stress but keep your neck relaxed.
  • Hold this position for 20-30 seconds or as long as you can.

Plank Benefits: Last-Line

Doing planks daily for few minutes are great way to start your fitness journey as it improves your entire core strength that gives you many benefits for your regular activities.

Planks are popular because all of the above benefits, but make sure you should do planks with proper form to get maximum benefits because proper form activates more muscle, and focus on quality over quantity.

Exercising daily has many more benefits such as improved sleep, better mood and many more so do plank regularly to get its health benefits.


  1. i think planks are probably the most beneficial
    exercise you can do..

  2. Thank You for the insight. I do 40 Planks a day, 1 minute per Plank.

  3. @daniel Glad you liked it. 40 planks a day wow. Sounds like you have very strong core.


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