Clap Push ups - How to do and Benefits


Pushing movement requires strength in chest and triceps. The clap push ups are a advance version of basic push ups. Often we think that, only bench press or barbell exercise is the only way to improve your explosive strength.

In reality, traditional push ups are the best way to improve your pushing strength. This exercise often used in martial arts training to improve upper body strength.

If you really want to improve your speed and power, then you should add clap pushup in your workout for maximum benefits.

Difficulty: Hard

Muscles used: Chest, triceps, shoulder, core

Benefits of clap push up

  • Good for improving your strength, as it involves explosive movement which require great amount of force to explode up.
  • Build explosive strength in your chest and arms, as it activates fast twitch muscles.
  • Burn your body fat and calories much faster, as clap in push ups increases the exercise intensity.
  • Improves your throwing, pushing and punching, as it helps to maximize your power and speed.
  • Help to build your chest muscles and tone your upper body.
  • Gives you a great full body workout which also improves your physical fitness.

How to do clap push up

You'll need

  • Some free space
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Hand gloves to protect your palm and wrist

Initial position

  • Get to the plank position with your legs are extended behind.
  • Place your hands with shoulder width apart on the ground.
  • Squeeze your butt and contract your core.
  • Keep your body as straight as possible, do not point your back upward or let your back curve.
  • Keep your back and abdominal muscles tight. Now, you are ready to begin.

Second Step

  • Lower until your chest touches to floor.
  • Push yourself up (explode up) with maximum force.
  • Once your arm fully extended, clap your hands as fast as possible.
  • Return to starting position as fast as possible.

Third step

  • Slowly lower once your hands are back on the ground.
  • Take 1-2 seconds rest, if you are doing it first time.
  • Repeat as many as possible.


Clap Push-up Tips

  • Reduce difficulty - If you having any difficulty while doing this exercise, you can do knee clap pushups. It is much easier than fully extended legs version, as getting on knees reduces the range of motion.
  • Not for beginner - you need enough power in triceps, shoulders and pecs to explode you up to maximum height, so it is not a beginner friendly move.
  • Practice with an easier method - You can always start with explosive push ups, it is a great progression exercise that will help you develop explosive strength. Here you just need to explode up without clapping hands.
  • Be careful - Make sure, you can able to perform at least 20 clean basic push ups before starting clap push ups. Read this article, how to improve your push ups.
  • Begin with clap pushup - Warm up properly and do this exercise first during your workouts to make sure you have all the strength with you.
  • Sets and reps - Repeat for at least 8 to 10 repetitions and 2-3 sets. Depending on how strong you are, you may push yourself to try doing more reps.
  • Speed and timing - These two are very important for this exercise, try to clap as fast as possible.

Should you do clap push-ups in your workout?

Of course, if you can do 20 clean push ups then you can add clap pushups to your workout routine. If you want to take your push-ups to next level then you can do them, as they help you to reach back clap push ups. You can do these in gym or at home, but always try it on soft surface or wear gloves.

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