Is Doing Push ups Everyday Overtraining

Doing push-ups everyday does not mean you are overtraining
push ups overtraining

Fact is, push ups does not put that much stress to your muscles as other exercise (dips or pull ups) do.

Most people do pushups regularly before workout to warm up their body. Doing 50 - 100 push ups a day cannot be a cause of overtraining.

When you train your muscle at first time, it tears the muscle fibers which causes sore muscles. However, overtraining is a completely different, but most people think that sore muscle is a response of overtraining.

Symptoms of overtraining:

  • Sleep disturbance
  • Poor performance
  • Low energy levels
  • Weakness and muscle pain

It takes too much hard work to reach at over-training state. With basic push-ups you cannot get into that position.

Many people begins their fitness routine with basic push ups to increase the upper body strength.

Although, doing push-ups at first time will give you sore muscles, but with regular practice you will get used to it.

But make sure, take at least 2 days off from training, as it improves the performance, strength and muscle tone.

Tips to Follow Before doing Push-ups

1. Warm up your arm: Before workout, and especially when you training the large muscles, do few minutes of warm-up exercise. It increases the blood circulation that help perform better. Do some arm rotation or jumping jacks as they warmup your whole body.

2. Do with proper form: To strengthen the triceps, chest, and shoulder it is important to perform push-ups with proper form. You must have a straight back, tight core and your neck must straight and don't look forward.

Keep your hands position at proper distance, and not too wide, to prevent injury.

3. Lose some weight: It is a bodyweight exercise so, the amount of weight can affect your performance. If you are heavy then you will able to perform fewer reps, than those who are lighter in weight.

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