Benefits of Beer: 9 Reasons Beer is Good for Health


Beer is one of the most preferred drinks around the world. It make your day much more enjoyable, that's why many people drink beer during the holidays or weekend.

Besides this, some people drink beer to reduce their mental stress that comes from your daily work. Whatever the reason is, even the studies shows that consuming beer in moderation is good for health

Read below to find out the amazing health benefits for beer. Here are 9 reasons why beer is good for you.

Beer Can Protect your Heart

Studies show that beer or alcohol consumption lowers the chances of heart diseases. It also suggests that beer, wine or any alcoholic beverage can help to lower cardiovascular disease, when you consume them in moderate amount. (1)

Another study found that beer slow down the decrease in HDL levels, which is also known as good cholesterol.

Higher HDL level can help to lower risk of heart disease. But keep in mind excess alcohol consumption also linked to heart disease and stroke.

Beer is High in Nutrients than Other Alcoholic Drinks

Wine is mostly preferred because of its antioxidants properties but research found that beer also contains same amount of antioxidants. However, beer contains different antioxidants (flavonoids) because barley and hops are used in the production of beer, whereas grapes are used in the wine.

One more advantage of beer, it is high in protein and B vitamins than other alcoholic drinks such as wine. It also loaded with calcium, folate, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus (which promotes strong bones and teeth), and niacin. (2)

Beer helps Lower Diabetes Risk

As beer is loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients which has similar benefits as you get from wine. When combines with good diet and exercise, low consumption of beer help to reduce diabetes risk.

Research shows that people who regularly drink beer in moderate amount help to cut the risk of diabetes and they were less likely to suffer from diabetes. Moreover beer also helps to lower the high blood pressure. (3)

People who tend to enjoy drinking beer, less likely suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure

Protects Brain and may help to improve memory

Many environmental factor lead to over production of reactive oxygen species which causes oxidative damage and cell death, antioxidant help to protect your body from oxidative stress.

A study found that xanthohumol present in hops and beer which could help to protect brain cells, slow the development of brain disorders and prevent degenerative disorders. However, more research needed to confirm its effect. (4)

Though, consuming beer in large quantity is not healthy for your brain.

Beer lowers Low-density lipoprotein (Bad Cholesterol) Levels

Bad cholesterol can increases risk of cardiovascular disease. Moderate consumption of beer slower the decline in good cholesterol, and HDL helps to remove bad cholesterol (LDL).

However, beer contains soluble fiber which also helps to lower your LDL and blood cholesterol level. But, over consumption of alcohol can increase your bad cholesterol.

Beer May Help to Lower Your Stress

Many people drink beer after finishing their work to reduce mental stress. There are plenty of reasons that elevate your stress levels. Excessive amount of stress can lead to many health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, headache, depression and anxiety when left untreated.

Research found that moderate alcohol consumption help to lower the stress and help to reduce tension. Lower alcohol consumption also makes you feel relaxed and pleasurable. (5)

Although, drinking beer in large amount also increase stress levels so don't overdo it. Drinking is not only option, you can also try different options such as walking, meditation, listening music or talking to a close friend.

Beer is Good for Your Bones

Beer contains silicon that helps to strengthen your bone according to research. Two beers can provide you up to 30 mg of the nutrient.(6)

Silicon is a ingredient that play important role in bone formation and maintenance. Silicon also help to improve bone mass which reduces the risk of osteoporosis. (7)

As it provide dietary silicon which is good for bone health. Drink beer according to your choice, but dont cross the limit.

Beer May be Good for Your Teeth

Beer antibacterial properties can prevents bacteria growth on teeth that promote tooth decay and gum disease. Even the lowest extracts of beer were able to inhibit biofilm formation. (7)

Beer may Help you Live Longer

Drinking beer in moderation promotes mental health and increases your happiness. How does it feel when you sit in the bar with your friends and a glass of beer in your hand? it boost your positivity and mood.

Even research found that people who drink moderate amount of alcohol may tend to live longer than those who don't drink or those who drink in excess. (8)

That doesn't mean to drink alcohol everyday because it can also create many health problems.


Above benefits of beer doesn't gave you license to drink everyday. Excess alcohol consumption also affect your health negatively such as increase the risk of early death, alcohol addiction, depression, liver disease, headache, and weight gain.

Moderate consumption is good for your health and has positive effects such as stronger bones, reduce the risk of diabetes, control blood sugar and better cardiovascular health.


  1. I've often joked about my vitasmin B---
    Beer. But now i find that it does contain some sort of vitamin b.
    Ain't that a kick in the keg?


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