Attract any Man who Ignores you: 10 best ways


Everybody needs a life partner to feel special, share goals, emotional support, future plans and to spend life together. Mostly men and women naturally get attracted to each other when certain conditions met.

However, you can easily attract any man once you understand the real attraction secrets. But first of all, you need to know the reason behind attraction.

Reason Behind attraction

When it comes to attracting someone, many people think that they need a attractive body or good looks. Although, these things could help you, but it does not mean that you only need a perfect body to attract a person. There are different traits and behavior that will help you to conquer a man, regardless of good looks.

Do you ever feel attracted to a person even you don't know why? It's because of certain qualities that make you feel attracted towards someone.

There are different techniques that works most of the time. Following tips are very effective, once you understand how to use them correctly to conquer a man.

10 ways to Attract a man in just Minutes

1. Smile

Smile is the most important thing to attract any man. It shows that you're happy and spread positive vibes, men loves it when a women give them a good smile. With a great smile you will display confidence.

People love to surround themselves with positivity and those who appear happy. Whenever he looks at you or during conversation give him a cute smile to get his attention.

You can also practice in front of mirror to make your smile natural and attractive.

2. Be Yourself

Might be you think it is useless advice, but it is really necessary. You should not lose yourself, always try to improve your weakness, but never pretend to be that person who doesn't match with your personality.

If you act like, who you are not and present yourselves like different person, sooner or later, he will find you are fake and you would fail to attract the man you want.

3. Speak slowly

This is the most important because when you speak slowly it display confidence. On the other hand speaking fast seems like the person is nervous and not comfortable with that person.

Other advantage is he will easily understand what you are saying, which can help to keep the conversation interesting between you.

It also let him understand your true feelings. You can pause for few seconds while talking to him, this will make him excited about what you want to say, it is the most attractive thing for any man.

4. Stay confident

Confidence can automatically attract people towards you because confident people are considered as more attractive than shy people. Moreover they do things better, showing confidence is the best way to get his attention.

5. Take care of your appearance

It is scientifically proven that men easily fall in love with the women who appear attractive. You must take care of your appearance and personal hygiene to make him feel attracted towards you.

Make sure use a perfume, put on makeup, do a good hairstyle, and wear attractive clothes because it will make you feel beautiful and attractive, which can improve your mood and confidence.

The fragrance will also help to attract the man you want to conquer, so do those things that make you look beautiful.

6. Make him miss you

Feeling missed by a man, is the wonderful feeling for any women. You must do those things that will make him miss you.

Don't pay attention 24/7 or every time, spend good time together then leave, which can drive him crazy and make him miss you.

Make sure, tell him that you would like to see him later. This way you are letting him know that you are interested and feel comfortable with him.

Remember that, don't overdo this else you would fail to attract him.

7. Compliment him

When you compliment him, it will make him feel special which could help to increase the attachment between you. Therefore, when it comes to win his heart, compliment will definitely help you.

You can melt any man's hearth like an ice cube and make him more close to you. When you find him doing well at something then tell him about that. This way you'll leave him thinking about you.

A man likes to hear how good he is with his natural abilities. Congratulate him for completing the task, for winning a game, or you can tell him how handsome he looks with new hair cut.

8. Hold eye contact for longer

Eye contact is the powerful weapon that makes him want you. Whenever you are talking to him just look into his eyes and give him a smile. Eye contact also consider as sign of flirting as it tell them, you are attracted to that person and paying attention to what he is saying.

However, when a man hold eye contact it could mean that he is attracted to her, on the other hand, we tend to avoid eye contact when we are not feel attraction towards someone.

9. Ask him to help you at something

Asking him to help you at something is a great way to make him feel great in his abilities. This way you will let him know that you trust him which is the most attractive for any man.

However, you should know that men's loves to lead a women, and asking for help let them feel like a leader which can immediately attracts any man.

10. Touch his arm during fun moment

Touching his arm can instantly make him feel attracted towards you. Men love it when a woman touches them, as it tells them you are feeling safe and comfortable around him.

Besides, it also release the hormone called oxytocin, also known as love hormone. It will make any man crazy for your attention and make him feel attracted towards you.


By practicing these techniques you can easily attract a man without any problems and make him fall in love with you. All the above techniques are proven and works when done correctly.

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