Why do men burn more calories than women

men burn more calories than women

Calories are found in food we eat and they are important for our body. However, calories burn rate are depend on many factor such as your age, gender, genetics, activity level and percentage of muscle mass.

Both man and woman burn calories in different numbers, even if their activities (workout) levels are same. It is true that men need more calories than women because of many reasons, which you will know here.

Different testosterone levels - Testosterone is a most important hormone that found in large quantity in male and smaller in female. It helps you burn calories faster and prevent fat in body.

More muscle means more energy consumption - However, men tend to have greater lean mass, while women naturally have more fat. Fat uses less energy than lean body mass. Men burn the most calories because they usually have higher muscle. Even during rest, for the same weight, height and age, the average man will burn more calories than the average woman.

The fitness world and studies shows that each kilogram of muscle gained would burn between 30-50 calories per day. This is why sports trainer says that you need to gain muscle to speed up your weight loss process.

Different metabolic rate - Calories expenditure basically calculated by our metabolic rate. As we know metabolism allows you to burn more calories. Higher muscle mass are associated with higher metabolism. The daily caloric expenditure is basically higher in men. Thus, an average man burns about 1,500 - 1700 k cal per day whereas for women it is up to 1,200 - 1400 k cal.


There are many difference in both male and female body. Men tend to have more testosterone and women have estrogen. Also we know that an average man weight could be higher than average women. This is also true that the more your weight the more calories you burn, because it takes some effort to move a heavy body.

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