Do Squats Help you Lose Weight? Know here

Will Squats make you Lose Weight?


Squats are the best exercise that you can do at home to burn calories, tone your body and lose weight. This exercise is good for strengthening your entire body especially the lower part.

However, squats are very popular exercise because of their amazing results, therefore, it has a special place for athletes and bodybuilder. Besides, squats help keep your buttocks tight, and make your thighs well defined.

Doing them on regular basis with a healthy diet will help lose weight quickly, and you will able to achieve your goal without much effort. Although, it depends on how many squats you do daily.

Why Squats are Best Exercise for Losing Weight

First of all it is a very basic exercise and does not need any complicated technique, so everyone can do them easily. It just take few movements such as bending your knees while lowering buttocks and then return to starting position.

There are many benefits of doing squats, such as it tone and build muscles in your lower body (buttocks, thighs and calves) burn fat, strengthens the lower back and core, which lower the risk of injuries and build strong legs.

Squats also improve posture, balance (as it strengthens the core) and jumping speed. While doing squats it is important to engage your core to get flat and strong midsection.

This exercise will help you to move better (leaning and turning) and increase the flexibility as it stretches your muscles.

Doing Squats Daily Help Burn Fat

To lose weight fast, experts will recommend you compound exercises such as squats. They target your whole body, which allows us to burn calories faster than any isolation exercises. Therefore, you will lose weight within few weeks.

A study shows that, people who perform 100 squats a day for 8 weeks, lost almost 4.2% body fat and increases muscle mass 2.7%. It also increases the muscle thickness and knee strength. People who do squats regularly will lose weight faster than those who don't do any physical activity.

Exercise and balanced diet are the key to lose weight. Besides, squatting keep your metabolism high for long duration which help burn more calories throughout the day.

However, intensity play important role, you can try different squats variation to make it more difficult such as jumping squats which is a great cardiovascular activity.

How Many Squats Should I do a Day?

To successfully lose weight with squats, you have to maintain consistency. If you're doing only few repetition, it will take more time to see results, but aim for 50 squats every day.

To be honest, doing any particular number of squats are not enough to lose weight. You should also focus on your daily calories intake, though squats will help but healthy diet is important when it comes to lose weight.

If your bodyweight is normal then you can easily lose weight by doing 100 squats per day with high intensity. You should perform at least 20 reps and 4-5 sets to see better results.

You can try this 30 days squats challenge for better result:

  • Day 1 - 50 squats, day 2 - 60, day 3 - 70, day 4 - 80, day 5 - rest
  • Then continue this pattern for 30 days while increasing 10 reps each day.

After completing this 30 day squats challenge you will notice visible difference (before and after).

How to do Squats

Stand with your legs, spread them slightly wider. Move your hands forward and go down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, while bending your knees engage core and keep back straight as much as possible. Then, raise your body to starting position.

The weight of the body should be distributed over your feet as you push your buttocks backwards. To make it effective, when you go down hold this position for few seconds.

Muscles Used

Squat puts enough stress on your lower muscles, especially buttocks, quadriceps and hamstrings. However, adductors and calves, also works during squats.

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