How Does a Zipper Work and Who Invented It

zipper work who invented

Zipper are the great invention which allows us to easily open and close openings on clothing. Even zipper on plastic bags help protect the stuff from outside air and dust.

Zipper mechanism are similar as rack and pinion but, it help connects two pieces of fabric, bags, purse and jacket. It consist of a slider which help connect or detach the teeth from each other.

Who Invented the Zipper

Zipper or zip, invented by Whitcomb Judson in 1891, but the patent was approved in May 1893. Thus, the working mechanism of the zipper is very simple, as explained below. Later the goal was to market the zipper, but the reliability of the device was challenged.

However, there are several changes are made in zipper by a Swedish inventor, Gideon Sundback. The improved design and modification to the zipper helped to gain more sales in the market, and then distributed in many countries.

How Does the Zipper Work

The most important part of the zipper is slider. When you pull up the slider, the hooks on both sides interlock and hold together. When you pull the slider down, the hooks separate again.

In simple term; when you pull up slider, it connects the hooks together and puts their heads inside each other. It takes place in alternating sides, one from the right, and one from the left. Each head has a small spot on one side, and a small protrusion on the other side, which allows them fit into each other.

When the slider moves down the zipper open again. You can also lock it at the top or bottom by locking the slider. The lock help secure the slider so it won't move again until you unlock it, this is most important part of a zipper. Without the slider, you can neither open nor close the zip.

Types of zipper

Nowadays, there is plenty of varieties of zippers such as different sizes, colors and, length which help them look more attractive. Generally, 10 to 70 cm are approximated, the lowest size between 10-20 cm.

  • Coil zipper or spiral zip - Mostly used in fine fabrics such as, dresses, skirts and pants.
  • Metal zipper - Often used on jeans pants, and such zips look much better.
  • Non-separating zipper - Both sides are joined at the base so you can't separate them, mostly used in jeans pants, and backpack.
  • Separating zipper - In this type of zipper you can easily separate them, mostly used in jackets and plastic bags.

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