8 Benefits of Having Long Hair


Having long hair has its unique benefits. But, nowadays everybody prefer different hair lengths such as short hair, long hair, and medium hair.

Despite, long hair can be annoying because; it can stuck into zipper, blows in all directions and you will find your hair everywhere while doing certain things.

However, if you are planning to grow long hair, then you should know this amazing advantages of having long hair.

Benefits of Having Long Hair

1. You can do different hairstyles

That's not the case with short hair. However, long hair can be done by many ways such as braids, ponytails, curls, and straights. You can style your hair according to your choice and change your look every day.

2. It keeps you warm during winter

Your hair keeps your head very warm during the winter days and still sometimes in the cold summer evenings.

3. Protects you from Uv rays

Long hair block the harmful uv rays and prevent the exposure to sun rays. However, it does not offer protection like sunscreen but, still it offers protection ranging from 5 to 17.

4. Men will find you more attractive

If you don't believe it, you can ask your friend "Would you like your girlfriend with long or short hair?" You will get your answer. The fact is long and shiny hair make your face more feminine and shows that you are healthy.

We all know short hair don't cover your face that much, also not suitable for all facial shape.

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5. It makes you feel sexy and confident

Beautiful and well-groomed long hair will completely change your look. It automatically boosts confidence when you feel comfortable in your style. Although, many girls just feel sexier with long hair; because it is a symbol of femininity.

6. Suits on all face shapes

Because, some face shapes are not ideal for short hair. Long hair can be styled differently according to the face. Moreover, it also help correct your minor mistakes and most important you can cut your hair anytime and adjust its length.

7. It shows that you care about your style

There is reason people keep short hair and it can tell you several things that "i don't have time to style my hair, i am too busy and I don't care about my hair". But, with long hair it require much care so people will think that you care about yourself more.

8. You save on hairdressing costs

With short hair you have to go to the hairdresser more often to trim your hairs, otherwise it will grow. With long hair you can often postpone it a bit longer.

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