Dream about Lover: What does it mean?

dream about lover

In dreams, a lover can appear many ways. The word "lover" mostly associates sexual relations. Although, you can dream about a real lover or someone else you don't know.

Often such dreams are annoying especially, if a woman dreams about a lover who is genuinely happy with her partner. But don't worry: dreaming about an unknowing lover does not mean that, you are cheating with partner.

If you want to know more about such dream, read complete article without skipping, so that you can make a conclusion.

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Dream About Lover

Kissing a lover in a dream

When you kiss a lover (or someone) in a dream, maybe you have attraction or feelings for them. Especially, when both of you are kissing passionately. Such dreams symbolize positivity like love and affection.

If everything happen against your will, this could mean that you are confused and not sure about that person.

Seeing many lovers in a dream

If the dream has two lovers at the same time, it could mean you still remember that person, and not sure which one is good for you.

One lover in a dream

Not only men but women can also have such dreams. If you see that your partner is with someone else, it could mean, your partner is not satisfied with you. Therefore, you are seeing them with someone.

Unknown lover in dream

An unknown lover in a dream symbolizes certain qualities, that you want to accept without hesitation. If the lover in the dream is a strange man, maybe you have hidden desires that have not been fulfilled in the past, but you wish to enjoy them with a new lover.

Lover left (breakup) in dream

Being abandoned by a lover in a dream means, there are probably concerns and problems in the real world. There may be past experiences that have not been cleared by your lover, and you are finding a way to know all the hidden secrets by dreaming about them.

Dreaming about Ex-lover

If an ex-lover appears in our dreams, then we should carefully examine whether we knew this person or not. Both an ex-lover and an old lover can symbolize a good partnership in a positive way. If you are dissatisfied with being someone's ex-lover, then it can create confusion and frustration in your present life.

When lover dies in dream

Lover died in dream - but why? The answer to the question can be found in an explanatory way, death in dreams can symbolize changes or new beginning. Therefore, the death of lover represents a new beginning, which can bring changes in life different ways.

Lover cheating in a dream

Such dreams can appear when you don't know if he loves you or not. It symbolizes betrayal, insecurity and fear. Furthermore, cheating may mean that you are not successful in real life, or succeed with difficulty.

Other meanings

  • If you are single; then the lover in your dream will be a very positive sign. Actually, it is very likely that you will meet someone or, love again.
  • If you are an unmarried woman or man; maybe you will meet someone soon, who will win your heart and you will feel very happy.
  • If you are married; dreaming about a lover can be a negative symbol, it will create problems in your relationship which can lead to breakup.
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