Is Diet more Important than Exercise?


Diet and exercise are important aspect, which can help in muscle building and weight loss. But, it also depends on your goal and, for long term fitness you should follow both.

If you are not sure between diet and exercise then here you will find which is more important.

However, it is true that; our body shape depends on what we eat. Many experts will say "if you eat too much (especially bad calories) you won't make it, even if you exercise daily". So, this statement clearly explain that both are important.

But, dieting alone is the best way to lose weight? No, it's not and here you will know why.

Why Diet Alone are not enough

Of course at the beginning with low calorie diet you will lose some weight. But, can you follow the same diet for a longer period of time? And once you switch to your old eating habits you will probably gain weight.

It is very difficult to follow the same diet daily, and there are many negative effects of consuming fewer calories over a longer period of time. It can make you weak because you will also lose the muscle mass.

Moreover, loss of muscle mass can slow down the metabolism and you will not be able to burn more calories at rest.

Even, a new study found that, people who exercise regular can maintain their weight for long period of time.

Reason is simple; daily exercises burn enough calories. Plus, it help build muscle that boosts the metabolism.

In other words, the study showed that successful weight maintainers consume as many calories per day as overweight people, but avoid regaining weight by adding high levels of physical activity.

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