What Happens if you do Pull-ups Everyday


Do you want to know what happens to your body when you start doing pull-ups everyday? Then know everything about pull ups here.

Pull ups exercise has different benefits for your entire body. So let's find out some interesting facts about this exercise.

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Why you should do pull-ups everyday?

Pull-ups are bodyweight exercises which involves basic movements that uses your whole upper body muscles simultaneously especially your back. Therefore, this exercise is enough to build bigger and muscular back.

It also help improve strength and muscle size, which is a greatest advantage of this exercise. Because, it allow you to lift your whole body and work on many muscles as well.

Benefits of Pull-ups Everyday

1. Improve your grip strength

Grip strength are necessary for your daily task. If you are going to climb a mountain or want to hold something tight then this will help.

During this exercise you need to pull your body weight up, that puts stress on your palms, fingers and forearms. When you start doing pull ups everyday, you will see a lot of improvement in your grip strength.

2. Build muscle and burn calories

As mentioned above that pull-ups uses multiple muscles. Therefore, it can burn more calories especially, when you do them with high-intensity workouts.

Moreover, it will give massive boost on your metabolism so you will continue burn calories even after workout. Plus, it puts enough stress in your muscles which promote muscle mass gain.

3. Build a balanced body

Weight-lifting need complicated techniques while performing the movement. If you do them incorrectly it will cause muscle imbalance, which can lead to injury in the long term.

Pull-ups can strengthen weak body parts also you will get huge back, well developed arms, and core. Therefore, all target muscles grow together, which contributes to a balanced body.

4. Strengthen your back

The main targeted muscle is back muscles (latissimus dorsi). Plus, strengthening your back has many advantages, such as:

  • It can protect the spine
  • improves the posture which make your body attractive
  • Prevents lower back pain
  • Improves the balance

5. You will get V-shape back

If your goal is to build V-shape back, then you must do pull-ups everyday. Moreover, it also gives you slim waist and well-developed backs because, pull-ups increase the size of your lats muscle, and shoulders.

6. Boosts muscle building hormone (testosterone)

Regular exercises is recommended to maintain optimum testosterone levels. Although, this hormone has multiple benefits since it promotes the muscle growth by encouraging the production of proteins and blood cells.

7. Improve flexibility

Flexibility is very important; pull-ups involves stretching which help ease the sore muscle, relax your mind, reduces stress and pain. Therefore, it lowers the risk of injuries and increase your performance.

While doing pull ups, it stretches the following muscles:

  • Arms; shoulder, forearm
  • Upper and lower chest.
  • Lower body; legs, butt and hips
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Back muscles; spine and traps, neck and lats


Pull-ups are a compound exercise and ideal for strength training. This exercise can be done anywhere with lots of variations so you will never get bored with pull-ups.

All you need is a pull up bar. You can also do a leg raise or hanging knee raise to get six pack abs.

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