Can Lost Feelings Come Back After a Breakup?

In short: "Yes or No" it depends
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Feelings is everything in a relationship. Everything depends on how you made them feel in the past. There will be nothing left after the breakup, but feeling may remain in that person's heart.

However, over time, feelings may fade throughout the relationship. Therefore, the memories can help to get those feelings come back. No matter how hard you try to forget them.

Contrary, there is possibility that your ex will completely forget you. It happen in most relationship, but if your past memories are strong; sooner or later, your ex likely to come back.

How can those feelings come back even after a breakup?

When couples are together, it is because they love each other. It doesn't matter whether your relationship was long or short. The feelings can remain which form a bond between two people.

If they are gone, it is because something happened that was beyond your control. The intensity of feelings can change frequently and depending on what the couple is going through. And, if past memories are boring and you failed to attract your partner in a long run, those feelings can disappear.

Therefore, it is important to know why your partner losing feelings and what can you do to attract them again. There are many reasons that make people fall in love (also for breakup).

There is always a solution for any problem which can help save your relationship. In order to get the ex back, you have to make room for forgiveness, tolerance and accepting that you are wrong.

However, lack of attention and trust can also be the cause of separation.

What to do if your ex lost feelings doesn't come back?

It's been a long time and you did not receive any text or call from your ex. It means the things are not really getting better for you.

In this case; you should forget about that person. But, before this you can try at least contacting them once. If they don't love you anymore, then move on.

If you love your ex, you can't force them to love you. Over time, those feelings will completely disappear but it also depends on the person. Some may forget some not.

Time will heal everything let it do its work, live for your family. Sometimes it happens; when you begin to ignore your ex for a long time they will try to contact you.

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