How to Lose Feelings for Someone? 10 Ways

Lose Feelings for Someone

You are in love with someone, but not sure about other persons feelings. Although, loving someone doesn't mean that, they also has same feelings for you.

It's hard to lose feelings for someone you love. If you tried a lot and still can't forget about them?

So, what are you going to do? Do you want to know, how can you lose those feelings and move on? Everyone can; if they know these techniques, and it will help you forget.

How to lose feelings for someone

Once in a life, we all fall in love with someone who doesn't love us. But, it's not their fault because they will be unaware that you love them. Though, you don't tell them because, you don't want to lose your friendship.

Therefore, you can try the following techniques:

1. Understand your emotions

You must know about your feelings; because running away doesn't help. Although, hating yourself will make things worse. Hanging out with someone also not an ideal option, if you don't know how to deal with your emotions.

If you really want to forget someone, you need to feel those emotions. If you ignore these feelings, they will become stronger.

2. Tell them about your feelings

It's hard but you have to do this. Keeping your feelings will increase the excitement and false expectations. If you feel comfortable then go ahead and tell them.

They need to know, because it will clarify things between you. And, after listening to their opinion you will feel much better.

3. Stop spending time with them

You cannot be with them all the time, especially when you have feelings for them. It is hard to resist but, you have to do it. Spending too much time, will only deepen those feelings and you will fall in love again.

When you distance yourself from someone, you will get more time to think about yourself, which can help understand about the situation. Overtime, your feelings will fade and, eventually you will lose your feelings.

4. Be with your friends and family

It feels good when we spend time with people who love us. You should spend more time with friends and family who will support you during tough time. Whenever you feel emotional, go out with your friends or talk to your mother about this. The more you speak about your feelings the better you will feel.

5. Limit your communication

As you can't be with them every time, you also need to stop talking to them. No calls, texting or don't message them in social media.

The more you talk to them, the stronger your feelings will become. If you take a break, it will allow you to forget about those feelings and eventually, they will go away.

6. Have goals

Instead of thinking about someone all the time, you can work on your goals. It will distract your mind from those feelings and allows you to focus on yourself more.

Working on your own things are best way to focus on yourself. It also shows you what you are capable of, and knowing yourself will help you forget about someone.

7. Use your free time wisely

Now, you have enough free time for yourself. Don't waste it by looking pictures of them in your phone or watching any emotional movie. Instead, use that time for yourself. Do things you've always wanted to do, or things you enjoy. Just use that time to improve yourself.

8. Think about their flaws

Focusing on one's good qualities will increase feelings for them. Contrary, focusing on someone's flaws is a very effective way that prevents you from liking them.

9. Discuss with your best friend

Your friend should be there to support you. If you still can't focus on your things, talk to your best friend. Maybe your friend will tell more flaws about them, that you don't know, which can help you forget about them.

10. Over time everything will be fine

Time heals everything, just have some patience. Although, you want to forget it quickly but, it's not going to happen that fast.

of course, one day you will lose feelings for someone you love, but it will take some time. So, trust the process, give yourself time and focus on yourself more.

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