How to Smile in a Picture Without Showing Teeth


Smiling has many meanings and, if you don't know "how to smile on camera?" Chances are you won't look good in a picture. Do you want to know how to smile on photos? Which help look beautiful without ruining the picture. The following tips works for women and men as well.

1. How to Smile in a Picture

Smile at mirror

Always try to use the corner of your lips when smiling, and don't widen it otherwise it will expose your teeth. Therefore, practice is important; Smile in front of the mirror to know the symmetry of your lips.

Once you find the correct position of your lips, you will know where the smile appear more natural and, then practice it regularly.

Use your eyes

Smile that appears genuine can improve the look. It is not only using the muscle of mouth, eyes also has the role to play. Therefore, maintaining the correct eye position is important when it comes to smile.

For example; if you smile with wide eyes it will look weird. Contrary, calm eye with a beautiful smile, can make it more attractive.

Clean your teeth

The most beautiful smile is when your teeth look neat and clean. There are many dental care and home products that can help your teeth clean and shine. Take care of your teeth every day and you will feel even more confident in front of the camera.

2. How to Smile Without Showing Teeth

If they are in order then there is no problem to show your teeth. But, if their size is not appropriate, then you can follow these tips.

Don't open your mouth too wide.

Widening your lips too much during smile can show your teeth. Only people with perfect teeth can smile with their mouths. However, you can hide your teeth by controlling the lip movement. A smile without showing teeth, look more attractive than smiling with open mouth.

An irresistible smile is something you can practice, try following tips:

  • Smile and take selfies then compare all photos to find which lip position is ideal to hide your teeth.
  • Look at photos of your favorite actors to see how they smile and practice it in the mirror.

Exercise to Improve your Smile

  • Smile by widening your lip and hold for 10-15 seconds. Then allow the muscles to relax.
  • Extend your tongue forward and touch your upper lip. Hold for 10 seconds and relax the muscle.
  • Take a deep breath and try to exhale through tightly compressed lips.

You can repeat them 10 times per day. After a few weeks you will notice amazing results. These exercises not only improve smile, but also gives great workout to your face which help prevent wrinkles.

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