10 Benefits Of Hot And Cold Shower for Health, Skin & Hair

What kind of shower do you like? hot or cold. People take shower to keep themselves fresh and clean, It is also used for therapeutic purpose.

A hot and cold shower has their different benefits and different effects on body. Let's see what are the different health benefits of cold and hot shower.

Cold Water Shower (bathing) Benefits:

Cold Water Shower (bathing) Benefits
In early morning, cold shower may be difficult for you as most people prefer hot shower to clean and relax the body.

Although cold shower has multiple benefits that help to improve your health such as improve your mood, calms your mind, reduce stress and improve skin.

However, you should avoid cold shower if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or any other health issue that make you feel uncomfortable.

Benefits of cold shower.

1. Reduce Tension and Improve Mood

It has been found that cold water has anti-depressive effect which can improve your mood.

Cold shower eases the symptoms of depression because it activates the sympathetic nervous system and increase the neurotransmitter in the brain such as noradrenaline and beta-endorphin.

After a cold shower people may feel much better as it improves mood and relieve depression.

2. Tightens the Skin & Strengthens Hairs

The benefits of cold shower is not only limited to health but also helps you to look good by improving your skin and hairs.

Cold water helps to closes the pores of your skin and tightens it which reduces the wrinkles.

Hot water remove your natural oil from skin and hair, whereas cold water prevents natural oil from stripping it away and keep your skin and hair moisturised.

3. Accelerate Metabolism & Support Weight Loss

Cold Temperature improves metabolism and activate the good fat in body which is also known as brown fat that helps you burn more fat.

Brown fat helps to regulate your body temperature and increase your metabolism. Faster metabolism burns more calories.

In short, good fat (brown fat) helps to burn bad fat (white fat).

4. Prevents Common Cold and illnesses

The belief is that when you take cold shower your body temperature reduces slightly. this activate neuroendocrine effect in the body.

A 30 days study found that cold shower lead to fewer sick days compared to controlled group also their symptoms were less serious.

Cold shower help building resistance for common illness such as common cold and flu and make you feel more energetic.

5. Enhance circulation And Muscle Recovery.

Better blood circulation is necessary for cardiovascular health. It is also speed up your post workout muscle recovery. 

Cold water increase the heart rate and give your organ blood rush that enhance your circulation.

Proper blood circulation reduce recovery time from injuries, sore muscle and illness.

6. Stimulates The Immune System

Cold shower trigger fight or flight response in your body, boost your metabolism and increases the white blood cells in body which activate the immune response and help to fight infections.

Hot Water Shower or Bathing Benefits

Hot Water Shower or Bathing Benefits

Hot shower may give you pleasant feeling during winter. Most people prefer hot shower to keep themselves clean and fresh anyway hot shower also has some incredible health benefits as well.

7 Relax muscles and Help fall asleep faster

Hot water not only improve your physical health but also good for mental health as well.

Ever feel tired at the end of the day when you return at home from work? When you take hot shower your body temperature increases and it may relax your muscles, mind and body.

A two weeks study shows that hot water bathing is more beneficial than showering.

A calm mind and relax muscles help you fall asleep faster.

8. Open pores and Cleanses The Skin

Everybody loves glowing and clear skin, following a skin care routine is perfect option for skin cleansing. Anyways Warm water also help in cleansing the skin.

Excess oil in the skin causes acne and blackheads. Warm water allow your skin to get clean because it open your pores, that helps to remove excess oil which gives you fresh and clearer skin.

Make sure water is not too hot, lukewarm water is good for skin cleansing.

9. Relieves nasal Congestion

Hot shower are good home remedy for congested chest or blocked nose. A hot shower helps to ease cold and flu symptoms as it is act as decongestant.

10. Reduces Headache

Headache are the most common problem in adults. constricted blood vessels can cause headache. hot shower ease tensed muscle and allow proper blood flow which reduce the headache.


Both hot and cold shower are good for improving your health. during winter hot shower is most comfortable and gives pleasant feel. During summer cold shower are best to keep your fresh and calm your mind. Both hot and cold shower used for therapeutic purpose.

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