How To Do Triple Clap Push-up | Step by Step Progression

Triple Clap Push-up | Step by Step Progression

In calisthenics push-up is basic exercise, doing same exercise over time can be boring. Progression is necessary in any workout whether it's calisthenics or weight training.

There are different push-up variation which increase difficulty of your push-up, the most difficult push-up variation is triple clap push-up.

They are great for improving your explosive strength and speed. It can improve your punching, throwing speed and good for your chest, triceps and shoulder development. Because, they activates the fast twitch muscle fibers.

However, 3 clap push ups are difficult and not recommended for beginners, it is for those who already developed their upper body strength.

Triple clap Push-up Muscles Used

Benefits of Triple Clap Push-up

  • Activates fast-twitch muscles fibers in shoulder, chest and triceps.
  • Improves speed (throwing and punching) and power.
  • Burns fat and build muscles.

Safety Tips Before Getting Started

  • Practice it on soft surface (grass or cushion) to avoid any injury.
  • Wear soft hand gloves to protect your palms.
  • Warm up at least 5 min.
  • Strictly Not recommend for beginners because it is an advanced move.

Step by Step Progression

1. Fast push-up

  • Fast push-up is like basic push-up, but you need to do it as fast as you can.
  • It can improve your endurance, cardiovascular and explosive strength.
  • It helps you gain muscle mass and burn more calories.
  • You can do 3 sets of 12 to 20 reps per set.

2. explosive Bar Dips

  • If you want to make your push-up easier, then you need to include bar dips in your workout. It is more challenging than push-up which definitely improve your explosiveness in push-up.
  • It may build strength and muscle mass in your shoulder, triceps and chest.
  • You can do 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps. As fast as you can.
  • This move is not for newbie, if you are a newbie start with slow dips.


3. Clap Push-up

Similar as basic push-up, but here you need to explode up fast and add clap before touching your hands to the floor.

  • Start with plank position, place your hand shoulder width apart and keep your core tight and straight.
  • Go down until your chest touches to the floor.
  • Explode up with maximum force and clap with your hands.
  • Return to the push-up position safely and repeat.
  • You can do 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps.


4. Muay Thai Push-up

Also known as back clap push-up, once you master in clap push-up or easily do clap push-up with maximum height, you can move to muay thai push-up.

  • Start with push up position with straight and tight core.
  • Explode up with maximum force and clap behind your torso.
  • Return to starting position and repeat.
  • You can reduce the difficulty by placing your hand in incline position, it will reduce the range of motion, so you can make it much easier. Once you get stronger, gradually you can decrease the height.


5. Triple clap push-up

After doing all the above progressions you can try triple clap push-up. It is similar to muay thai or back clap push-up but here you need to do 3 claps. First clap like clap push up, again back clap and 3rd clap before you return to starting position.

You need enough explosive strength to do triple clap push-up, else you can injure yourself.

At the beginning try it on soft surface to avoid or minimize the risk of injury.

To reduce difficulty always try on incline push-up position.

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