How to do Archer Push-up - Benefits and Tips


Push-up is versatile and can be perform in many ways. Archer push up is difficult variation which build incredible strength in your arms. It is a great progression exercise which helps to achieve the one arm pushup.

The archer pushup (assisted one arm pushup) is a one-sided exercise which allows you to work one side of your body. Therefore, it is great for strengthening your weaker side (left and right side).

Have you ever tried one arm push up? Many people find it difficult but, there is a easy variation called archer push ups, which help you build strength for one arm push-up.

Difficulty: Hard

Muscles used: chest, core, biceps, upper back,

Benefits of archer pushup

  • Good for building strength in your weaker body part.
  • archer push ups work exactly the same muscles as basic push-ups such as pecs, triceps and shoulders.
  • Great progression exercise for one arm push up.
  • Improve your core strength and posture.
  • Increase muscles flexibility as it involves stretching movement, which help to improve your physical performance.
  • You can make it more difficult with different variations.
  • Strengthens the joints and bones.

How to do archer push-up

Initial position

  • Start with push up position with your legs extended behind.
  • Keep your feet together, squeeze your glutes and contract your core.
  • Keep your one arm close to your body or shoulder width and bent your other arm to your side (spread your arms about twice the width of your shoulders.)
  • your fingers point diagonally forward.

Second step

  • During this, you will not go straight down as basic push ups.
  • As you breathe in, you will have to move your body diagonally towards one of your arms, while bending it.
  • Keep your other arm close to your chest.
  • Your body should only move side to side, not up or down like basic push ups.

The push up

  • As you exhale, you will return to the starting position.
  • Repeat with other side.


Archer push up Techniques

  • Be careful - even this exercise is easier than the one-arm push-ups, it is still an difficult exercise. Make sure you can able to perform at least 20 clean basic push ups before starting archer pushups. Read this article, how to improve your push ups.
  • Keep elbow close - This exercise adds a greater load on the shoulder joint, with can increases the risk of injury. Keep your elbow close to your chest as you lower. This will give you more stability and support when you return to the starting position.
  • While doing push-up, remember to keep the working arm perpendicular to the ground. It also protects your elbow and works your pectorals and triceps better.

Should you do archer push-ups in your workout?

However, there is no problem to add archer pushups into your workout routine. If you want to take your push-ups to next level then you can do them. It is a difficult variation and will help you reach your one arm push up goal.

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