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Best Tips And Exercises To Get Big Chest muscles

Everybody loves bigger, rounded or well defined chest muscles because it makes your body look attractive. But for many people, building a strong and wide chest could be difficult. To increase your chest muscles size you must focus on chest building exercises especially compound lifts.

Most importantly you need right chest workout and proper techniques, good diet that help you build muscle and reduce your post workout recovery time.

Following these tips will help you to fix your mistakes that prevent you building bigger chest muscles.


Chest Building Mistakes To Avoid

Training your pecs 3-4 times a week is not a good choice unless you are a professional bodybuilder. You need proper workout plan that help you grow your muscle effectively especially if you are skinny or beginner.

  • Over training your chest: Many people train their chest more often. You have to understand that your muscles grow during rest. After doing intense workout our body needs at least 48 hours of rest to recover and rebuild the muscles. Taking rest also reduce the risk of over training.
  • Doing only isolation exercises: Doing isolation exercise is great for targeting a particular muscle but it does not stress your muscles as compound exercise. You need compound chest exercises to build bigger chest. Compound exercise works with multiple muscles that boost your Testosterone & Growth Hormone.
  • Not eating enough: It doesn't matter how many days you train your chest per week. If you aren't eating enough then you will never grow a bigger chest.
  • Using bad form: Focus on proper form with light weight and stop ego lifting because bad form leads to injury.


Tips: How to Build a Bigger Chest

Following this tips will help to get you bigger and rounded pecs:

  • Train Your Chest 2x per week: Training your chest 2x a week will allow you enough time to recover your chest muscles and prevents you from over training. Proper rest is the key for building bigger muscles.
  • Focus on the compound lifts: Compound exercises like bench press, squats, and overhead press are the best and effective for building strength and bigger muscle as it train more muscles at a time, that also helps to burn your body fat faster than isolation exercises.
  • Progressive Overload: Nobody lift heavy weight or do multiple sets of exercises at the beginning. To get bigger chest you should make your exercise more challenging by gradually increasing weight so your muscles adapt for heavier weights. Make sure don’t add too heavy weight because it can increase the chances of injury and affect your form.
  • Avoid Bad Form: You should always focus on quality over quantity. A good form not only helps you gain muscles but also reduces the chances of injury. Do your exercises with proper technique with full range of motion.
  • Eat in a calorie surplus: You can’t build big muscles without eating calorie in surplus. If you are underweight then your chest will never get big. Focus on eating more if you want to get bigger chest but make sure you eat only healthy foods.
  • Set Goals: Remember that, you can’t speed up the muscle building process by doing over training or this will not even help you to grow your chest in few weeks. Be patient because good things and results take some time.
  • Stay Consistent and enjoy the process: Consistency is very important when it comes to build muscles. Staying consistence will help you become stronger and better version of yourself. You will definitely see amazing results when you maintain consistency.
  • Rest: Rest is a crucial part of muscle building because your muscle grows during rest. Doing proper rest reduces the chances of over training, improve your performance and make your muscle stronger. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep and 48 hours of rest means 2 days off per week from your workout.

Which exercises help to grow a bigger chest

Any exercise that effectively target your pectoral muscles. You can choose what is best for you, some people like bodyweight exercises whereas some prefer weight lifting. But combination of both could be best for your chest growth.

However, lifting weight has completely different stimulation for the chest muscles than the bodyweight workout. You can also do slower reps to increase the intensity of your workout cause your muscles experience more time under tension which help to increase your muscle size.

Make sure do your workout with proper form and add variety of chest exercises in your routine such as incline bench, dumbbells, dips, chest press and barbell bench press.


Best Chest Building Exercises for Bigger Chest

Following are the exercises you can include in your chest building routine:

  • Weighted Dips: Weighted dips are the advance version of simple dips. You can use weighted vest or wear belt with weight that help your chest grow bigger. If you have any shoulder injury or weak shoulders don’t do this exercise.
  • Inclined Pushups: Inclined push-ups are easy for beginners and one of the best body weight exercise which activate your lower chest and back muscles. Besides this, you can do this exercise at home. All you need is a chair or table to do this exercise.
  • Weighted Push-ups: Weighted pushups are the best and alternative exercise of bench press. Just add weight in your back or you can use weighted vest to increase the resistance. This weighted push up will build you bigger and rounded chest.
  • Bench Press: Bench press are the best chest exercise that helps you build bigger chest. But make sure you are strong enough to lift heavy weight while doing bench press else you can start with light weight.
  • Decline bench press: It will help you to get rounded chest. This exercise is best for your chest because It effectively train your lower pecs, also help to gain strength and muscle mass.
  • Dumbbell Press: It is great exercises that stretch your pecs and increases your chest growth.
  • Decline Dumbbell Bench Press with Neutral Grip: It is very good and perfect exercise for lower chest or pecs muscles, especially the inner region. Decline dumbbell press is a perfect exercise you can include in a chest routine.

Safety tips

  • Make sure start with light weight if you are beginner.
  • Use proper form and technique, avoid bad form to prevent injury.
  • Don't forget to train your other muscles, such as shoulder, triceps, most importantly back muscles. This will help to build you a balanced body and prevent posture related problems.
  • Get your trainer advice before starting any workout they will help you to figure out how much weight you need to start lifting.

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