How To Do Muscle-Up For Beginners With Progression

Easy Way To do a Muscle-Up For Beginners With Progressions

Do you ever get bored with the doing pull ups or might be pull ups are not challenging for you anymore. If you do not have any difficulty for doing pull ups then you should move it to next level to keeps things interesting.

Muscle up is an amazing exercise to show off your explosive strength. With proper progression you can easily do your first muscle up. However, it’s not going to happen in one day or weeks. You need to practice it consistently.

With regular practice and proper technique you can easily achieve perfect muscle-up.

Exercises For Muscle-up Progression

Explosive pull ups

Straight bar dips

Hanging L-sit

Toes to bar

Jumping Muscle-Up

#1 Explosive Pull-up

Without explosive strength you can't do muscle-up. Explosive pull-up will help you to develop explosive strength for muscle-up. As we know doing muscle-up you need to pull yourself as fast as you can.

How to do explosive pull-up

  1. grab the bar with shoulder width apart
  2. retract your shoulder
  3. pull as fast as you can until your chest touches to bar

#2 Straight Bar Dips

When you do muscle-up you have to do straight bar dip for getting top of the bar. Doing straight bar dips helps to develop strength in your triceps and shoulder.

How to do straight bar dips

  1. find the bar of lower height.
  2. jump up, get your feet off to the ground.
  3. go down slow
  4. push yourself up

#3 L-Sit Hold

When you perform a muscle-up you need a strong core. L-sit are good for developing your core strength and helps to build a strong core which also improve your balance and stability.

how to do L-sit hold

  1. grab the bar shoulder width apart
  2. raise your leg and make L shape
  3. hold this position as long as you can

#4 Toes To Bar

Toes to bar is another great exercise for your core which also helps to build shredded abs. This exercise also builds lats strength which helps you for front lever.

how to do toes to bar

  1. grab a bar and start hanging make sure your body and arms straight, and legs off to the ground.
  2. raise your leg until your toes touches to bar
  3. lower your leg slowly

#5 Jumping Muscle-up

Jumping muscle-up could be difficult for you because to perform this move you need enough strength in your triceps and shoulders. 

For jumping muscle-up you need a pull-up bar with lower height. if your bar is too high you can place a box.

Grab the bar, jump up and try to get above the bar and lower slowly

How many sets and reps 

you can do this workout for 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps three times a week


With the help of these exercises you can easily do your first muscle-up. It’s not going to happen in a day or a month it takes time and practice.

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