6 Major Causes Of Overnight Weight Gain

After seeing weight scale in the morning you might think how did i gain weight overnight? Or how it could be possible?

Fluctuations in weight happens most of the time and it is totally normal, especially when you eat or drink water.

But suddenly weight gain would be a nightmare for those who is trying to maintain or lose their weight.

There are many reasons for fluctuations in weight and overnight weight gain. 

Once you understand the causes, you can easily overcome overnight weight gain problem. So here are the 6 major causes of overnight weight gain.

1. You ate more carbs than usual

When you eat carbohydrates it turns to glucose in your blood stream. Your body also stored it in your muscles and liver in the form of glycogen.

One study shows that each gram of glycogen is stored in human muscle with at least 3g of water. If you eat excess carbs then your body retains more water and gain you water weight. 

Complex Carbs are healthy to eat and gives you many health benefits when you eat in moderation, but eating carbs in excess cause gain you weight. 

It also causes Water retention and increases your fat storage.

2. You are dehydrated

Dehydration occur when your body loss more fluid or when you don't drink enough water. Dehydration are linked with various health issues including weight gain.

What happen when your body stays dehydrated?

  • It slow down your metabolism which means it reduces your body's calories burning capacity resulting your body store more fat.
  • Your body retain water resulting you gain water weight.
  • Water is a great appetite suppressant. When your body gets dehydrated you eat more food than usual. 
Staying hydrated has many health benefits you can read here the benefits of drinking enough water.

3. Your digestion is not doing well

The food left in your stomach also has huge impact on your weight fluctuations. If your digestion is off, it doesn't clear your stomach properly and makes you feel bloated that cause weight gain and weight fluctuations.

To improve your digestion stay hydrated, be active you can also include fiber rich food in your diet. 

4. You didn't sleep well

A bad night sleep affects your hunger regulating hormones ghrelin and leptin

A good night sleep associates with good health whereas a bad night sleep can affect your health and weight. If you are sleep deprived or getting too little sleep it also gain you weight. Poor sleep can slow down your metabolism. 

So always try to get sufficient sleep to maintain your weight. If you are trouble sleeping, here are the best tips that help you fall asleep quickly.


5. You're Feeling stressed

Nowadays it is a common problem among adults. Anyway stress is always a part of human life you can't runaway from it but, there are so many ways you can prevent it or reduce your stress level. 

When you feel stressed it elevates your stress hormone level. It also increases your appetite and during stressful conditions chances are you may eat calorie dense food which is responsible for weight gain. 

To reduce your stress level you can listen music, walk, get proper sleep or there are more other ways which help you in reducing stress.

6. Might be you eat salty foods

Eating salty foods in excess causes your body retains fluid and gain you water weight. Although, salty foods gives you temporary weight gain cuz it is just water weight. If you consume food that contains more sodium then your body retains water. The more your body retains water the more bloated you look.


These are the 6 main reasons for overnight weight gain and weight fluctuations that can be easily fix by making few simple changes.

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