20 Minutes Full Body At Home Workouts to Get In Shape (No Equipment)

Full Body Workout Without equipment

If you ever think body weight home workout are not useful or build muscle and burn fat then you are wrong.

Many people just do calisthenics or body weight exercises to build muscle and get in shape. Body weight exercises are not easy as you might think.

There are many advance moves in body weight exercises such as pistol squats (single leg squat),pull up,  dips, muscle ups, different push up variations (triple clap, flying superman, back clap, one arm and many more push-ups).

When you do body-weight exercises with proper form, it actives more muscles and increases the difficulty of exercise.

Benefits of Full Body Home Workout:

  • All are compound exercises means you working out more than one muscles at a time.
  • Burn fat and help you to get in shape.
  • Boost your metabolism as it increases your muscle mass and muscle needs more calories than fat.
  • Improve your strength and overall fitness.
  • Boost your natural killer cells in the immune system that help you fight of infections.
  • Body weight high intensity interval training Improves your cardiovascular fitness and Vo2 max levels in the body.
  • Full body home workout improves your balance, posture and flexibility.
  • Saves your money and time as you can do it any time or anywhere without equipment.
  • It also helps in weight loss while building your muscles.

Full body workout For beginner

This full body workout is good for the beginners to build basic strength and flexibility.

Do at-least 2-3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise, your rest period between 40 sec to 1 minute. You can take longer rest if needed.

This workout should be 15-20 minutes.


Lunges are great exercise that strengthens your lower body. It improves your balance, stability and mobility

Muscles used:
  • Glutes
  • Calves
  • hamstring
  • quadriceps
Start with step forward your one leg until it reaches to 90 degree as shown in image, this will count as one rep. stand up, and repeat with your left leg.

Knee push-up

Pushups are basic upper body exercise that tone your muscle and build chest, triceps, shoulder and core strength.

Muscles used:
  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • Triceps
  • Core
  • Upper-back
Click here for better instructions on how to do knee push up.

Forearm Plank 

Plank, it looks simple but it is very difficult to hold for 20-30 seconds. If you do this exercise regularly you will notice incredible changes in your body.

It improves your posture, balance and core strength.

Muscles used:
  • Abdominal muscle
  • transverse
  • oblique
  • buttocks

Place your forearms on the floor and keep your leg straight and core engaged as shows in image. Try to hold this position for 20-30 seconds.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are full body exercise and challenging move that strengthens your entire core, arms and legs. It is a great exercise that boosts your metabolism, cardiovascular health, improve your coordination and agility.

Muscle used:
  • Core and abs
  • Arms and shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Glutes and hamstrings

Start with plank position and straight legs behind you. Keep your core tight and engaged, to start the move bend right knee toward your chest as shown in the image and do the same with left knee.

Bicycle Crunch

All the above exercises work and strengthen your core but, this exercise will help you tone your abs.

Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head then brings your right knee toward your left elbow. Extend your right leg and repeat with opposite direction.

Do as much as you can or 12-15 reps.

Bird Dog

This exercise needs balance and stability, it is a full body move.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to do bird dog with proper form.

Home Workout For Intermediate

If you master the beginner routine and not challenging anymore or easy to do, then you should move your workout to next level that make it more challenging and increase the difficulty.

You can do 3 sets of 12-15 reps of each exercise, your rest period should be 1 minute after that do another exercise.

To increase the intensity of workout you can reduce your rest period to 40 seconds. Higher the workout intensity the more fat and calories you burn.


Squats are best lower body exercise that helps to improve your core and leg strength. Do squats with proper form and full range of motion to get maximum benefits.

Muscles used: quadriceps, calves and glutes
How to do squats with proper form
  • Stand up and spread your feet wider than hip width.
  • Keep your core engaged, stand straight and keep your chest out.
  • Lower slowly.
  • Return to starting position, keep your core tight, engaged and chest out as initial position.


The standard push ups are not as easy as knee push ups. Just start with plank position and extend your leg behind.

Standard push up are great exercise for building chest, shoulders, triceps and core strength. Do it with proper form to activate more muscles and avoid injury.

Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are great body-weight exercise for building arm and shoulder strength. This exercise are very simple and can be done anywhere, you just need a chair, bench or table to perform the move.

How to do:
  • Place your hands shoulder width apart in a stable chair or bench.
  • Straighten your arms, extend your leg and slide your butt off the front bench or chair.
  • Bend your elbow slowly till it makes 90 degree angle and lower your body towards the floor.
  • Push up slowly to return the initial position this count as one rep.

Walking lunge

Walking lunge are slightly different than stationary lunge. Walking lunge improve your stability, balance and mobility.

Stand up straight with your feet together, Step forward and lunge with your right leg. Stand up and repeat with your left leg.


This is the best fat burning full body exercise.

Muscle used:
  • abs
  • shoulder
  • Legs and butts
  • chest and triceps
Click here for full instructions.

One Leg Plank

Just like normal plank but lifting one leg up make this move more challenging than standard plank. Try to hold this position for 30-40 seconds or as long as you can.

Pike Push ups

This pushup variation targets your shoulders more than standard pushup.

to perform this move start with pike position, bend the elbows, lower your body until your top of head touches to the floor. 

Push up until your arms are straight.

Home Workout Advanced routine

Workout that is more difficult than intermediate routine.

Single leg pushup

Lifting one leg make the pushup more challenging and difficult because you have to keep yourself stable during the exercise.

Start with push up position and lift your one leg off to the ground, then lower slowly and push yourself up to complete the rep.

Jumping Squats

Adding jump in your squats get your heart pumping and burn more calories. This move improves your explosive power.

Instead of doing regular squat, you can jump up to increase squat difficulty.

Diamond pushup

Very difficult variation of pushup, this push up works more on triceps, shoulder, core and upper chest.

Start with normal push up position with tight, straight core and keep your hand close to make a diamond shape. Lower slowly keep your elbows in and don't spread or bend it.

Jumping lunge

Jumping exercises require more energy and speed to perform the move.

Explosive movements burn enough calories as well as it improves your strength and power.

Add a explosive jump to your lunge to make it more challenging.

Decline Pushup

It target upper chest, triceps and core, very difficult move that helps you build muscles on your chest and improve your handstand.

Start with normal push up position.

Place your feet top of the bench, chair or table etc. you can reduce height to make it easier. Keep your neck and back straight.

Lower slowly and push yourself up to complete the rep.

Explosive Burpee

Explosive burpees are very effective fat burning exercise that improves your cardiovascular health and speed. Add explosive jump in your burpee to make it more challenging.

Tuck L-sit

Tuck l sit are a holding exercise, it looks simple but holding it for 10 seconds could be difficult for many people. This exercise builds serious core strength. 

To perform this move you need enough strength in your core.

Muscles used:
  • core
  • shoulders and arms
  • quads
  • hip flexors
  • chest and delts
  • lats
It is a progression exercise for L-sit. Doing this exercise regularly help you to develop strength for L-sit.

While doing this exercise try to hold it for 10-20 seconds. Keep your head and arm straight, then tuck your legs as shown in image.

Safety tips
  1. Always get your doctor or any trainer advice before starting any workout program.
  2. Do proper warm up before starting workout.
  3. Stay hydrated for better performance and always do some stretching exercises after workout to relieve muscle stress.


Body weight exercises are great for building strength and improving your fitness. If you never done any exercise then start with beginner routine for few weeks to months then move your workout to next level to make it more challenging.

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