Potato Juice For Hair Growth and Benefits


Everybody loves shiny and healthy hairs but due to pollutants and dust your hair gets damage and lose its natural shine. Your hair health also depends on many factor such as what are you eating, your genetics and how you care your hair.

Sometimes the product we use contains chemical that harm your hair or make your scalp dry. Instead of this you can try natural remedy such as potato juice as it's easily available which also good for your hair growth as well.

However, potato juice has many benefits. It is used for various purposes like it can remove tanning, it is also used for skin care as it helps your skin to maintain natural glow. You can also use this for removing dirt from your screen or glass. Potato juice uses are various rather than this.

Potato juice is best for natural hair treatment that help to restore your hair shine which causes by UV rays, chemical products and pollutants. Moreover it can save your money as it is cheap and natural remedy for long and shiny hair growth.

Potato juice for hair growth and benefits

Potato juice contains all the ingredients that are good for you hair and promote healthy hair, Have a look at following beneficial properties of potato juice which helps to hair growth.


  • For hair growth your body needs important nutrition such as zinc, vitamin A, B, C, protein and other nutrition that is present in potato, which helps to accelerate your hair growth.
  • Potato juice helps to improve your scalp, hair cells and follicle, which help your oil glands work properly resulting better hair growth and hair health.
  • Proper blood circulation is necessary for better hair health and growth. Applying potato juice with light massage improve circulation and hair growth.
  • Potato juice keeps your scalp clean and healthy as it contains vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc and iron, they not only make your hair stronger and healthier but also prevents excessive hair fall. It also helps to prevent hair breakage by repairing hair fibers.
  • If you apply potato juice regularly on your hairs, it can make your hair shiny, longer and well nourished.
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  • Antioxidants present in potato prevent scalp infections and reduce the dryness of scalp which causes dandruff. The properties of potato juice are great for removing dead cells from your scalp resulting better hair growth.
  • The chemical in products can make your scalp dry and damage you hairs which also cost you money but potato juice is natural and inexpensive which improve your hair growth. It is best natural remedy you can use for your hairs.

How to make potato juice for hair growth


  • You will need a medium size potato.
  • Wash the potato properly.
  • After washing, peel the potato.
  • Now, cut it to small pieces, grind them and collect the juice in a bowl or container, you can also blend them to juicer.
  • Use a cloth or net to extract the juice from the pulp and apply juice on your hair and scalp.

How to use potato juice for hair


As you know it is loaded with essential nutrition and nourish your hair follicles, cleanse dirt and dead cells of your scalp. To make your hair shine and for better growth you can directly apply the potato juice on your scalp and hairs. Massage your scalp as it increase blood flow which is great for hair growth.

Keep it for 20-25 minutes and rinse it off with plain or warm water. You can repeat this twice a week for better result and faster hair growth.


Potato juice is great natural remedy for hair loss that boost your hair growth. You can also mix aloe vera gel, onion juice to make it more effective which can keep your hair safe from chemical products and will saves your money.

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