Signs a Girl likes You: 20 signs she's into you

How to know if a girl likes you

Are you confused whether she likes you or just being friendly with you? You met a girl at work, college or any other place and spend enough time. She is smiling at you and so on. She gave you all the subtle signs that make you think if she likes you or not?

Women's take decisions emotionally whereas men's think logically. When a girl likes you she always gives you some subtle signs that confuse most of the guys. But there are some researches about female psychology which makes it easy to understand.

Mostly guys don't understand such signs but, in this article i am covering everything that you need to know. Here are the list of 20 signs that help you understand.

Signs a girl like you

1. She asks you if you are single or not

When a girl asks you this, it's sure sign she is interested in you and wants to date you. She just wants to know whether you are available for dating.

At this point never hesitate to respond and tell her confidently whether you are single or not. If you respond late or show any insecurity it will look like you are not genuine which might kill your chances of getting success.

2. She will stand closer to you than other people

You may wonder why she is standing closer to you. Girls usually maintain distance when they talk to people but when she stands close to you might be she likes you and feel comfortable around you.

If she is standing closer to you than other might be she is attracted to you. Also check her body language it can help you to understand that she interested in you or not.

3. She maintains eye contact little bit longer

Eye contact is a powerful tool when it comes to flirting with someone. Mostly women tend to avoid holding eye contact for long time. They just quickly look away or break eye contact if they aren't interested in someone.

But when she holds eye contact for longer duration it means she likes you. Try to maintain eye contact with her during conversation to as it help to keep things interesting between you.

4. Her friends know about you

Well, girls tell most of her important things to her close friends. When a girl attracted to you, she let her friends know about what's going between both of you.

How to know this that she told her friends about you?

Whenever you meet her, she will tell you indirectly like that "Yesterday i was with my best friend so and so" It means she definitely told her friend about you. Girls are subtle in showing attraction to the guy they like.

5. She touches you during fun moment or when you are in public place.

Physical touch means she is attracted to you and feels comfortable around you. Just pay attention how many times she touches your arm, knee or shoulder when you are together. Physical touches or contact are crucial in relationship and it's a good sign that she is attracted to you.

Breaking a touch barrier means she likes you. It also means she is feeling safe around you and trusts you than other people. As we know women always maintain some distance when they don't like someone or have no interest in them.

6. She laughs at your jokes

Women love sense of humor, they always find such guys attractive who can make them laugh. However, if a girl is romantically interested in you then she will laugh at your jokes even if they are not funny.

You can tell her joke and watch her reaction, if she laughs at your joke probably she is attracted to you. If not maybe you are just a friend or she is not romantically interested in you.

7. She touches her hair when she talks to you

It is a good sign, if she is playing with her hair while talking to you might be she wants to little bit flirt with you.

8. She initiate texting

Girl who likes you will make effort to initiate conversation because she is thinking about you. Well, what you do when you miss someone or think about them? Definitely either you text or call them.

if a girl likes you will never delay to initiate texting. It's a great sign if she text you first.

9. She keeps the conversation rolling

conversation between you is easy going without any difficulties. Even you both wonder how you passed more than 2 hours. Because you don't care about time when you are with person you like.

If such thing happens with you of course she likes you.

10. She wants to know if you have any girl best friend

If a person is genuinely interested in you then definitely they ask you some question about your personal life.

She just want to make sure whether you are interested in your best friend or not, before investing her precious time on you.

If a girl ask you question related to your personal life that's a great sign.

11. When you ask her for hangout she doesn't hesitate to say yes

Any girl who is interested in you will never say no to you when you ask her for hangout, neither will they make any excuses. If she is busy then, she will tell you whenever she gets free time.

For example: I already planned with my friends, but i am free on tomorrow evening or at Sunday.

But i suggest you don't ask her directly you can ask her like this "Are you free at this Sunday or tomorrow evening?" This way you can get a better idea about her schedule.

12. She introduce you with her friends

You may wonder why she introduces you with her friend or might be thinking what it means. If she is willing to introduce you with her friends consider it a good sign that she is attracted to you.

If her friends ask you where you met, telling you something good about her and whether you like her or not which means she definitely told her friends that she likes you.

13. Her feet are pointing towards you

Any girl who are interested in you, their feet automatically points toward you. When you both are talking, watch out if she points her feet direction towards you.

If it's pointing towards you then it's a good sign that she likes you.

14. Her pupils dilate

According to research when you see your favorite thing or something you like your pupils dilate and blinking increases. Just look into her eyes and see whether her pupils dilate or not when she's with you, but don't overdo this.

15. She mirroring you

Another great sign is they mirror your body language, and words you say.

is she copying your talking style or words you say or your hand gestures while talking? if she doing any of these might be she interested in you.

16. She gives you cute name

Names are uses for identifying a person but, we often call our loved ones with cute name, because we like them.

So if she is calling you with a cute or lovely name that are a huge sign that she likes you.

17. She replies you with long text message.

When you are not interested in someone then we tend to ignore them or send them short reply such as ok, hmm.

But when you text someone you like, the length of text message are not one line, they will send you long reply.

If a girl sends you long text might be she likes you.

18. She reply your text faster

When someone is important for you then you never delay replying to their text message.

Is she replying you faster? If yes then definitely she likes you.

If she is busy then she will reply you like that "sorry i was busy" but whenever she sees your message she will reply you.

19. She sends you cute emoji in text message

When a girl really likes you she will send you cute emoji with reply.

Is she sending you emoji? If yes its sure sign she likes you.

20. She smiles when you meet

Smiling is a great sign that person is comfortable with you and your presence make them happy. If she smiles after seeing you it means she is attracted to you.


These are the most common signs a girl show you when she likes you but, you just can't figure out based on this signs for sure that she interested in you.

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