What Makes a Man Come Back After a Breakup?

Come Back After a Breakup

After a breakup it's likely to man will come back to his woman. If you are looking for an answer to this question; you've probably been in this situation before.

Here are some of most common 11 reasons that help you understand; why do man come back after a breakup?

1. Regret

When he realizes and acknowledges his mistakes, your ex may return to you.

Often men feel regret after breakup. Especially if they introduce you to his friends or family. It will hurt them because, a loyal man care about his commitment. In short, a feeling of regret, may be the reason they come back to you again.

2. Memories

When he sees your pictures or passes by a place where you used to hang-out together. It will remind him everything about you and the good memories that you share together. After all, memories play important role in a relationship and he will come back to you.

3. Comfort zone

Starting a new relation require effort and it takes some time to get comfortable with someone new. The Comfort Zone may come to their mind, as no one wants to do the same effort again. A man prefers to be with his ex, instead of leaving his comfort zone.

4. Doesn't want to be alone

After spending a few months or years; He develop a habit of being in relationship. And, after the breakup when he finds himself alone; it would be hard to accept that, he is no longer in a relationship.

5. Sex

Everybody wants a good sex; it is in men's DNA, they always crave for it. If your sex life was amazing, the guy might come back to feel it again. However, he can get it from somewhere else as there are plenty of options. Maybe, the girl does not doing that you were doing with him, or she is not as good as you were.

6. New woman doesn't match his expectations

When relationship ends, the guy knows everything about you such as likes and dislikes. By dating someone new, he will compare you with them, everybody do this after dating another girl. He may realize that these girls don't meet his needs in a relationship and return to you.

7. Don't want to see you with another man

Sometimes a man will be afraid that he will lose you completely. He doesn't want you to replace him with someone new. Such insecurity could be a reason that he will come back.

8. He wants another chance

In a relationship, men do many mistakes and they learn from it. Once they realize their mistakes, they eventually understand and change a few things before starting a relationship with you. If the man feels that he did wrong to you, he can come back to you.

9. He enjoy your company

A man know that after breakup you still love him, they know your weakness, and act accordingly. Maybe they just want to feel your presence and wants to enjoy with you again.

10. He knows you'll forgive him

You will spend all the time saying it's over and that you hate him, but after a few months, the text from him can melt your heart again. And, you will convince yourself that this time will be different because he has changed.

11. Ego

He knows you like him. Therefore, he comes back to you because it satisfies his ego. He loves to please, and feels valued with you. If, he comes back to you for this reason then it is a bad reason and you should avoid him.

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