How Many Tricep Dips Should I Do?

If you're looking to strengthen and tone your triceps, tricep dips can be an effective exercise to add to your workout routine. However, the number of tricep dips you should do depends on several factors, including your fitness level, age, goals, and overall workout plan.

Fitness Level

If you're a beginner, it's essential to start slowly and gradually increase the number of tricep dips you do. Begin with a set of 8-10 repetitions and see how you feel. As your strength improves, you can add more sets or increase the number of reps per set.

Intermediate and advanced individuals can perform more tricep dips. Aim for 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions with proper form to challenge your triceps effectively.

Young Adults (18-35)

  • If you're a young adult with no underlying health issues and a moderate fitness level, aim for 3-4 sets of 12-15 tricep dips.
  • You can progressively increase the intensity by adding resistance or performing more challenging variations as you become more experienced.

Adults (36-65)

  • Adults in this age group should focus on maintaining upper body strength and functional fitness.
  • Aim for 2-3 sets of 10-12 tricep dips as part of your overall fitness routine.
  • Pay attention to your form and ensure you don't strain your joints or muscles.

Seniors (65+)

  • For older adults, it's crucial to prioritize safety and joint health.
  • Perform tricep dips with caution and use a stable surface for support.
  • Start with 1-2 sets of 8-10 tricep dips, focusing on controlled movements and proper form.
  • Consult with a fitness professional or physical therapist for personalized guidance, especially if you have any medical conditions or concerns.

Regardless of your age, always listen to your body and adjust your exercise routine accordingly. If you experience pain or discomfort while doing tricep dips, stop immediately and seek advice from a healthcare provider or fitness expert.


Your goals also play a role in determining the number of tricep dips. If your goal is muscle endurance, you may opt for higher reps (15-20) with lighter resistance. If you aim for muscle growth and strength, fewer reps (8-12) with added resistance, such as a weighted dip belt, can be more effective.

Workout Plan

Your overall workout plan should consider the balance of exercises for different muscle groups. Tricep dips should be part of a comprehensive upper body workout routine that includes exercises for the chest, shoulders, and back. Depending on your plan, you may do tricep dips 2-3 times a week.

Remember that quality is more important than quantity. Perform tricep dips with proper form to avoid injury and get the most benefit from the exercise.


The number of tricep dips you should do depends on your fitness level, goals, and workout plan. Start with a manageable number, gradually increase as you progress, and always prioritize proper form for the best results.

Keep in mind that individual variations exist, so it's a good idea to consult with a fitness trainer or coach for personalized guidance based on your specific needs and objectives.

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