10 Ways to Improve Self Confidence

The following tips and personality traits may be effective for increasing your self confidence that help becoming a more confident person.


Do you have the confidence in yourself? Sometimes we feel ourselves more confident person, and at other times, we feel less confident.

However, confidence is the most powerful tool that assists you to get a job, to make a deal; even it helps in flirting with someone. Self-confidence is a great weapon that help combat and win any situation, it also help to achieve your goals.

Self-confidence allows you to be confident in the different areas of life. It let you know, what are your strengths, as well as your weaknesses.

Lack of confidence limits your imagination, ability, and decision making, because it confuses you between right and wrong decision.

But the question is, can you train and improve your self-confidence? The good news self-confidence is a skill; which can be trained and developed with right practice.

10 Ways To Become A More Confident Person and Improve Self Confidence

To become more confidence in yourself, here is important daily practice; if you practice them regular, you will see amazing results:

1. Take care of yourself and your appearance.

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The body and appearance are one of the important things in human life; they could your biggest cause of insecurities. There are certain characteristic that we cannot change, but there are many others that, we can work on them and improve them.

If you are not feeling comfortable about your size, shape and your appearance, then first of all you need to start taking care of yourself. This way you will not only improve you self confidence but also, you will develop a good habit that improve your physical appearance.

Such Small achievements will also help you see that you are capable of achieving anything, which could help you become a more confident person in life.

2. Improve your body posture

If you ever looked any confident person, you may notice they always maintain a good posture, they don't stand like a tired person since it shows lack of confidence, moreover nobody take such person seriously.

A good posture means that you are energetic, strong, enthusiastic and confident person; while bad posture display totally opposite personality.


You will feel more self-confident by improving your posture. It should always be straight and strengthened, not collapsed and reduced like a tired person. A person automatically feels better and also more secure when he stands with a straight back and a slightly bulging chest.

3. Maintain eye contact

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Do you able to maintain eye contact while talking with someone? If no, then it means you are lack of confidence. Eye contact is the most important part of being a confident person.

A person, who hold eye contact with other people during conversation, is seen as confident person. It shows that you are listening to them, and have interest in what other person saying.

You can maintain and hold eye contact for long time. It could difficult at first, but with practice you get used to it, and then you can easily able to maintain eye contact.

4. Train your mind

It is important, as you do physical exercises to improve your body; similarly you also need to train your brain to develop that mindset.

Many people speak nothing in public because fear of being wrong. Instead of that, you should use your knowledge because the more you train the brain the more you will be able to speak in public without fear.

You can read news paper, books or whatever that improve your knowledge. However, you can train your mind with many ways; you can select what is the best option for you and work on them every day.

This way you not only gain knowledge but also you could feel more confident in yourself, which allows you make conversation, present your ideas and views, most important you will lose all your fear.


5. Learn to say "No"

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Many people avoid to say "no" because they don't want to hurt someone's feelings. But it is necessary to say "no" if you value your time, which automatically helps in improving your self-confidence.

By saying the word NO you can save your precious time, and later you can use that time for improving yourself, also you can easily control the situation by saying "no" to someone.

If you feel you are being used more often, learn to say no. Saying a "No" in the right situation you will feel better and respected. So stop saying yes to everything, respect yourself and your time.

At the beginning you may find it difficult, but after getting used to saying no, it becomes easier and you will feel more confident.

6. Surround yourself with confident people.

People learn from their surrounding, if you keep yourself surrounded by confident people, then you will learn from them and become a confident person. Similarly, if you surround yourself people with insecurities, negative thoughts and fears than you, you will also become like them.

You should definitely avoid those who just tell you more negative things such as, that is difficult, you can't do it, you will never succeed and similar things. These are the people who don't want you succeed.

7. Make decisions and take actions

A self-confident person never hesitate to make decisions, also they never depend on other people for this purpose. Many people find it difficult to do so, as it involves a risk: things may go well or not so well.

Start with small decisions until you develop the ability to choose the best options for you; Don't let others choose for you (for example, where to go for a date); take your time, but don't delay the decision, think about what is the good and worst thing that could happen after taking that decision.


8. Identify and stay away from false friends

Many fake friends often take advantage of people who has low self-confidence, and they don't even know that, they are getting used by their fake friends.

If such people are in your circle, try to separate yourself from them. You should let them know that you are not for their advantage. Separating from such people is great for your inner peace.

9. Constantly tell yourself "i am a confident person"

Just tell yourself "i am a confident person" everyday feed your mind that word. This is a self-hypnosis technique which is a very powerful method, It helps you achieve whatever you want.

By using this you will believe that you are a confident person. Telling yourself that you are a confident person and act accordingly, this way you will develop that mindset and you will become a more confident person.

10. Get out of your safe zone (comfort zone).

Insecure people don't leave their comfort zone, instead they just do those things that does not require much effort, which means they just avoid taking risk and focus only safe activity.

However, it is quite difficult to break the comfort or safe zone, but getting out of our comfort zone helps to improve self-confidence.

You can ask strangers for directions, talk with them, or do the activities that challenge you. By doing this you will expand your comfort zone.

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