Should I Lose Weight Before Building Muscle?


Before starting workout there could be many questions that confuse you. However, building muscle is important thing that will make your body more attractive and fit. But, before doing any activity you should be clear about your goals, whether you want to improve strength or just want to lose some weight.

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Build more muscles to lose weight

Let's be clear, weight training is the best way to lose weight and boost your metabolism. On the other hand, if you trying to lose weight without strength training, you will also lose the muscle mass.

Weight training is recommended because, it is scientifically proven, that more muscles helps to burn extra calories. As it boost metabolism so, you will lose weight and build muscle as well.

In addition, If you do strength training or exercises that involve large muscles such as push ups will burn a lot of calories during the session, even during rest you will burn enough calories. Because your body demands energy, so it uses stored body fat as energy to function properly.

The most effective activity for weight loss is running or cardio activities. However, weight training allows you both (lose weight and build muscles).

Should you Lose Weight Before Building Muscle?

To be honest, there is no need to lose weight before building muscles. With right exercises and eating such as calories restricted diet you will not only lose those extra kilos but also build muscles. Knowing that, muscles even at rest burn calories, it's easy to understand that, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

If you lose your weight with dieting, it will also decrease muscle mass at the same time. You should focus on building muscles if you want to lose weight because, this way you will easily able to maintain the weight and muscles mass.

While cardio burns calories and fat, strength training allows for what is called post-exercise excess oxygen consumption (EPOC). This occurs because the body needs energy to repair damaged muscles. Studies have shown that strength training boosts metabolism up to 24-48 hours after intense workout.


With right choice you will not only save your time but also improve your fitness. If your goal is lose weight and build muscles then you should not worry about losing weight first. However calories restricted diet, will allow you to weight loss but, this alone is not the best way as it makes you weak. On the contrary, build muscle mass as soon as possible to boost your weight loss.

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