Does Cardio Make you Lose Muscle? and Solution


Cardio training is effective method that helps you burn enough calories. Cardio burns fat and weight training build muscles. If you are working hard to build muscle size but still not seeing the result, does it because of too much cardio?

However, cardio is not mandatory but it can help you improve the performance in training session or another physical activity. This type of training often done by athletes, because it allows you burn extra calories, in addition to weight training.

In fact, it is true that when you lose fat you also lose some muscles. That's why many athletes combine weight training with cardio session.

But if you focus only cardio with restricted diet without doing any weight training then it will make you lose muscle mass. The reason is, you are just burning calories that could come from both fat and muscle.

So how can i do cardio without losing the muscle? Here is the simple things you can do to prevent loss of muscle mass.

Limit your cardio activity

Although, beginners can do cardio training to lose weight, but same results you can get with weights. Cardio is mainly good for burning calories. But with weight training, you build muscle which elevates metabolism resulting you will burn even more calories while resting. Also there is a one great advantage of having higher muscle mass, one kg muscle burn enough calories compared to one kg of fat.

Cardio with strength training

It is possible to combine cardio with weight training. Cardiovascular activity has many advantages but make sure that, never do it more than 20 minutes while doing it with weight training. Many people do this to reduce the body fat and improve muscle definition.

However, cardio training also improves your heart functioning and protect from heart disease. This way you will build muscle, burn fat, increase the endurance, energy and control your weight.

Another advantage is that it increases the blood flow in your body which accelerates muscle recovery after weight training.

Cardio once a week

It would be great if you keep one day reserved only for cardio training such as running, cycling, skipping rope and other cardiovascular activities. However, muscle loss is more likely occur with calorie deficit diet, people who are on a diet tend to lose muscle more quickly. When your body loses calories after workout, it has to rely on fat reserves. Calories also come from protein which is found in the muscles.

But, you can increase your protein intake after intense cardio activity to maintain the muscle mass.


When you are in cutting, cardio will help improve muscle definition. However, you should avoid excessive cardio during cutting phase.

A person who is beginner or doing little exercise may benefit more from cardio to lose weight. Since weight training is more complicated, certain skills are needed to workout at the same level. Some people lose weight more easily than others depending on many factors, such as age, gender, metabolism and genetics

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