How to Overcome Laziness at Work - 9 Tips


After doing continuous work, we get bored and somewhat feel tired or lazy. This is the most common problem during afternoon hours, you may feel like "I can't do that anymore or I need some rest". Surely, we tend to get lazy on many occasions, but the worst thing is, when you don't know how to overcome it.

Here are few signs that show you are being lazy at work:

  • You may feel sleepy while doing work
  • Unable to concentrate on work
  • You may feel lack of energy
  • Difficulty while doing a normal task

Although, we can't escape laziness completely, it's a part of our life but we can fight with it every day to keep our focus on work.

To avoid this, it is recommended to make small goals on daily basis, keep your workplace tidy or take small breaks.

Causes of being lazy:

  • Lack of motivation.
  • They don't like their work.
  • They don't have any goals.
  • They don't feel able to do something.

Tips to overcome laziness

Following tips are very effective to prevent laziness, so you will able to perform better at work.

1. Set small or long term goals

When you know about your goals it will gives you the energy and help prevent being lazy at work. Setting small goals on daily basis is a best way to stay motivated and focused towards the work.

Depending on your goal, you can aim to accomplish a certain task in a period of time. This will help you kill the laziness and improve the performance as you are focused at certain task that you want to complete.

This will help you understand what you want to do. When you finish your work, immediately change your task and follow the same procedure.

2. Organize your workplace

Organizing your office is the best way to increase productivity without wasting your time. Take some time to clear the mess and get rid of the clutter, you can schedule a day or, arrive before office time to organize things.

Nobody likes to work on a dirty or messy place as it will affect our mood and focus negatively. Your place must be neat and clean so you will feel positive while working.

It does not take that much time to arrange your office or workplace. Whenever you finish the project or work, you should organize things in a order.

3. Never sleep without a plan

Having a plan for tomorrow allows you to finish your work earlier, because you already know what needs to be done to finish the work as soon as possible.

It will also keep you motivated and more focused, If you finish your work faster, you will leave early than other people.

As you finish the work earlier, the extra time will allow you to enjoy with family or friends, or you will get the time for gym and other activities.

4. Sleep and Rest

We all know sleep is an important part of our lifestyle. It restores our energy level and reduces the mental stress, which keep you active during the work.

If you are not sleeping enough then it increases the stress in the body resulting you may feel tired or low. To stay active for long duration you should take enough sleep, 7 to 8 hours.

5. Don't think about laziness

The worst mistake most people do is, they think about being lazy whenever they get bored with something. If you constantly think about it, you will find many reasons to get away from your work. When you tell yourself such things, you begin to think against yourself and your desires. Whenever such thoughts comes to your mind take a deep breath and try to focus more on your work or think about your small achievements.

6. Exercise

Exercise boosts your energy it also has many benefits. The person who doesn't do exercise or move will hardly have the energy to do anything. You don't have to hit the gym or train like any sport person, you can do a 15 - 20 minute workout session at home. Exercise has great impact on your mind and mood such as reduces stress, depression and improves the energy levels that you need throughout the day.

7. Take few minutes rest after each hour

If your job is stressful and you're overworked, you should allow yourself few minutes of rest. Means go outside and get some fresh air or talking to a colleague about something different will help refresh your mind and mood.

You should not get too much rest 5-10 minutes are enough, by doing this you will calm your mind for a moment and to come back with more energy.

8. Eat healthy Foods

They are not only helps you to maintain weight but also, provide the important nutrients such as amino acids, carbs, and antioxidants. Our body needs all those nutrients to function properly. Try to eat healthy breakfast at morning instead of processed food.

Healthy breakfast or food keeps your blood sugar level normal so, you will not feel lazy during your working hours.

Avoid processed, salty and refined food and sugar; instead you can eat more vegetables and fruits. You will feel better and more energetic to do anything. You should definitely try it for a week to see the effect on body.

9. Drink enough water

Dehydration also makes you feel lazy because it drains our energy. Water help your brain and body function properly which increases your mood, energy and focus. There are many other advantages of drinking enough water.

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