Why Does Your Skin Get Dry in Winter?


During the winter our skin is more likely to dry out. Sometimes the dryness leads to cracks, redness or chapped lips which irritate us the most. But, why do we develop such skin condition especially in winter or how can we treat them? You will know in this article.

The reason behind dry skin in winter

Reason 1: In winter, when the temperature gets lower, we mostly use heater to maintain the outside temperature, which reduces the humidity level inside the room. It directly affect the epidermis or the outer skin, which is confronted with dry air. As a result, the hydrolipidic film that protects the entire skin, loses its effectiveness; the outer skin layer becomes thinner and dehydrates considerably.

Reason 2: Normally the sebaceous glands that is located in the dermis which secretes sebum and lubricates our skin and hair. There is a kind of protective film called hydrolipidic, unfortunately cold temperature reduces the activity of these sebaceous glands.

Once the body stops producing this protective oily layer, the skin gets dry and rough. Your skin does not receive proper hydration. The cells that are no longer hydrated will die and the skin will peel.

That is the reason why our lips get dry and cracks. The cracks that appear so quickly on lips because the lips are free of sebaceous glands, also the skin of lips are very sensitive because of the thin layer of the skin.

Tips to overcome winter skin dryness

1. Stop using the creams that dry your skin - Some creams can steals our skin moisture which makes the skin dry. Instead of this you can try some natural homemade products that will help not only help to retain the moisture but also make your skin looks beautiful.

You can try following; Aloevera gel with few drops of almond oil, or 2-3 drops of Castor oil with cucumber juice. Mix them well and apply it to your skin.

2. Prevent excessive activity - During the sports activity you will expose yourself to the sun or cold wind. Excessive exposure to the wind and sun, with winter sports, leads to dehydration.

3. Hot shower - During the winter, hot shower are the best way to relive the stress and clean our body. But hot shower irritates the skin and remove the natural oil from skin. Apply moisturiser to your skin after taking hot shower or better use lukewarm water.

4. Drink water and use moisturising products - Fortunately, skin care products exist to protect the skin. Try to stay hydrated; the skin needs water to function properly. You can drink at least 2- 3 L of water per day. It is recommended to use a moisturizing Cream that will help your skin to stay hydrated, nourished and soft during winter or cold temperature.

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