What Does Eye Contact Mean to a Guy

Deep eye contact from a man


Eye contact could have many meanings. It is an important form of communication which helps to exchange many types of information between two people (men or women). Generally prolonged eye contact between a man and woman could indicate signs of attraction. Whereas, avoiding it shows that either the person is lying or have lack of self confidence.

When we get in a relationship with someone, it is often through the spoken word. But we also use body languages such as handshake, arm touching, hug, kissing and many more.

Whatever we express without saying a word is called "non-verbal communication". And this nonverbal communication is much more important than it seem. Let's focus on one aspect of this, eye contact.

Looking, directly in the eye

Looking someone directly in the eye activates a part of the brain which increases excitement or interest, in that person. This increase level of emotional arousal. They feel more involved or focused, as if someone is going to ask them a question or ask something.

That's why, when the person wants to convey any information or want to interact with someone, looking each other in the eye is a well adapted attitude. As it shows to the other person, you are comfortable around them.

People who love each other, who are comfortable together, or feel attraction towards each other, they find it easy to hold a eye contact..

On the other hand, when the man or women tend to avoid eye contact it is a sure sign that he or she are not comfortable or not paying attention to what you are saying.

What does eye contact mean to a guy?

Holding eye contact could possibly means; "I am ready for your questions whatever you ask". When we are interested in someone, we feel good to answer their queries or request.

What about with less interested person? This intimate look has many interesting meanings. If you requested the other person to do something for you, ask them directly while you look into his/her eyes. This will increases your chances that he or she will grant your request.

Besides, shy people who don't have courage to look directly in the eye. As a result, they would less likely to have their requests accepted. But looking the other person in the eye can also make them uncomfortable if you are slow to express your request.

Don't stare too much, else other person will react, "What are you looking for?" What are you going to ask him/her? "He or she will get confused.

It shows that you are a self-confident person

Confident people feel comfortable around anyone, that's why they often make eye contact while talking. Holding eye contact shows that you are strong and telling the truth. This is proven in studies.

On the contrary, people who never look you in the eye are considered to be insecure, nervous, embarrassed. Keeping the eye contact with someone shows you're interested and listening them. But make sure do not look too much, or the other person will feel embarrassed.

It takes some time to develop that confidence in someone; if you find it difficult to maintain eye contact you can practice in front of the mirror, or read this article: How to be a self-confident person

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