How to Know if a Girl Loves You - 21 Signs


There are many things that confuse us whether she loves me or just being friendly with you. But you don't know where to start, how to know about her feelings or how to express your true intentions to that person. After sharing some good memories, you want to know how she feels about you.

Luckily there are many proven signs, physical expression and other signals a girl will show when she's in love with you.

If you aren't sure about her feelings, certain signs can help you understand things better. By observing these signs, you will able to know if she is in love with you.

Physical Signs

1. Watch her expressions - You can clearly notice her facial expression that she looks at you in the eyes while talking; she smiles at you and laughs comfortably. By observing this signs you will clearly get an idea about her feelings.

2. The way she looks at you - Her eyes tell everything, shining eyes or dilated pupils indicates a strong interest. If her eyes are deep, full of desire but also gentle, full of tenderness and kindness, it means she is conveying her true feelings.

3. Smile and laughter - If a woman gets attached with you, she will laugh easily, without even thinking about it and will laugh at your jokes even they aren't funny. Humor is important in a relationship; it creates a strong bond between you. If you notice this, it is a good sign.

4. She may appear more attractive - When a woman falls in love deeply with someone, she always try to look attractive to the man she loves. She takes care of herself and makes herself pretty in front of him.

5. She try to look natural - On the other hand, if she is comfortable of being with you, she know that how to be natural without makeup, without heels or fancy dress during your personal moments.

6. Her body language says everything - The body language is a important signal of a woman who falls in love. It's not just about touching hair or licking lips to show her interest. Like her facial expression, the body shows what she feels about you. Through her gestures, she unconsciously conveys messages to you.

7. Her happiness and excitement increases - A woman in love always feels good, fulfilled, and calm. All these sensations are the consequences of what she is feeling. And often, the people around her notice it.

Her Behavior

8. She may feel more confident around you - Feeling confident is a great sign because a girl takes time express herself completely. Without feeling confident she will not reveal herself. So if she tells you each and every detail about herself, her past, her anxieties, her desires and her dreams, it's because she trusts you. And trust is important in any relationship.

9. She willing to know about you - If she asks you personal questions, her interest in you is real. She asks you questions and remember every details about you, she listen to you and advises about whatever concerns you. She likes to be the girl who supports you.

10. Spend More time with you - She always try to available for you which is normal in any love relationship. Whenever you ask her for hangout or date, she never hesitates to say yes.

11. She introduces her friends with you - When a girl really falls in love she always wants to show that she has the man she loves. She will introduce you to her friend circle, which is a great signs of love and trust. She feels proud to be with you without any problem.

12. A hint of jealousy - A woman in love can be jealous because she wants to let other girls know that you are her man. This is not because lack of confidence, but rather a clear sign that she loves you. it could also mean that she don't want to lose you.

Other Signs to Know a Girl Loves You

  • She calls or texts you when she hears your favorite music, it's because that music reminds her about you.
  • if she cancels meeting with friends to meet you, this is an important sign.
  • If, with a simple glance, she manages to understand what you're thinking or feeling, it's because she knows you well and because she's constantly observing you.
  • If she always says positive words about you, it means that she finds you great and that she is proud to be with you.
  • If she buys you small gifts, of course to please you and also to tell you that she loves you.
  • If she takes so much care to prepare a good candlelit dinner, it is obviously because she is in love with you.
  • If she flirt or initiates physical touch with you by placing her hand in yours, when you walk side by side, it is because she wants to physically feel your presence.
  • If she accepts you as you are, she is in love with you.
  • If she wants to introduce you to her family and would like to be introduced to yours, it is because she loves you and aspires to a stable and lasting relationship with you.


Through her expressions, her body language and her behavior, a woman reveals her feelings of love. If she loves you, you will see it. The important thing is that there are a number of signs that appear. Other signs may or may not appear later.


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