Top 9 Benefits of Bench Press


Bench press is considered as a strength exercise which helps you build muscles. It is very effective for upper body that mainly used to build strong and defined chest, triceps and shoulder muscles.

Whether you are a normal person, bodybuilder or weightlifter; bench press is beneficial for improving your performance and muscles definition. That's why this exercise has a special place in fitness world.

Bench press not only helps to build a massive chest, but also has many advantages, that you will know in this article.

1. Improves your Basic Strength

Bench press is an most important exercise to build the basic strength (which you need in daily routine) in your body. This exercise should be done regularly in your fitness routine, especially at the first few months.

However, at the beginning you can do bodyweight pushing exercises to developing strength for bench press. After that you can try this exercise with different weights, angles, and variations.

2. Build strength in the upper body

Bench press is not only strengthens the chest, but the entire pushing muscles of your upper body. Besides, this exercise also strengthens the shoulders and triceps. Thus, with each repetition, you can train different muscle groups simultaneously.

Therefore, bench press is not only for bodybuilders and advance athletes, but also normal people can do them to get those benefits, or to build more pushing strength and power in the upper body.

3. Improves your Throwing Speed and Performance in Sports

It is a best exercise for this purpose because it stabilizes the necessary muscles and improves intermuscular coordination, which means the interaction of different muscle in the body.

Bench press and similar pushing exercises offer many benefits to sports or daily activities, as it improves your functional strength.

4. Increase muscle mass in your chest (pecs)

Bench press greatly targets your pectoralis major, which is the large muscle of your chest. This muscle help your chest look bigger and well defined. During the bench press upper chest gets well stressed, which has a great effect on the chest development.

Although, the small pectoral muscle (pectoralis minor), which lies under the pectoralis major, is not directly trained by this pushing movement, but still has good impact. Thus the pectoralis minor also becomes stronger and help to improve your athletic performance.

5. Strengthens and build triceps muscles

The triceps are the only muscles which makes the upper arm bigger, also they used in different exercises. If you want to build your triceps size, bench press put optimum strain on all three heads of this muscle, hence, it help to increase in arm size.

Having stronger triceps improve your lifting performance which is the major benefit you can get from this exercise. You may also notice significant improvement in other pushing exercises.

6. Improve shoulder strength

As we know, the bench press has a significant effect on the shoulder muscles. This not only makes the shoulder muscles strong, but also makes them wider in size; therefore, you can see improvement in your performance and overall upper body development.

Strong chest and shoulders are crucial for athletes, which help them perform better in sports or other activities.

7. Stronger bones

Strength training are one of the best method to improve bone density. Exercises like bench press, will help you develop the stronger bones. Since, it involves lifting weights, which strengthens bones and makes them stronger. Even study has also found that strength exercises can have positive effects in osteoporosis patients.

8. Train multiple muscles

Bench press not only works on your chest, triceps and shoulders, but also trains your serratus anterior, biceps, neck and core.

However, they have great impact on your serratus anterior. This muscle is located on the side of the upper ribs, below the chest, which is important for well defined body.

9. Makes your upper body attractive

Although, performance is probably the most important factor for athletes, but bodybuilding is mainly about looks. However, all athletes work harder not only to boost performance but also for a better looking body. As your chest, triceps and shoulders become bigger and wider which definitely improve your appearance and posture.

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