How to get Bigger Arms - Workouts and Tips


Having bigger arms is dream of every men, but muscle building is not an easy process especially when you want to get bigger arms size.

If you want to increase your arm size, definitely you have to train them with right exercises whether you train them at home without weights or with weights. Here are some useful strategies that will help to speed up the muscle growth of your arms (biceps and triceps).

Tips to Get Bigger Arms

The arms are important muscles that many men's want to grow them faster. However, beginners should start with basics; following tips will help you understand the basic requirements that help you get bigger arms.

1. Focus on compound exercises - Compound exercises train your biceps, shoulders and triceps which are the main muscles in your arms. Also they help increases your muscle size much faster, because they activate more muscle which help to increase your strength and size.

2. Train your weaker body parts - Training your weaker muscle will help you to develop balanced strength and size in your both arms. You can do isolation exercises to develop strength in particular muscle. Make sure do them with correct form with full range of motion.

3. Add volume in your workout - Adding volume will help your muscle grow bigger as well as increase your strength and make you stronger. If you can do 12 reps per set then try to increase the numbers gradually for example 15 reps per set. However, it will also increase your workout length since you are doing more repetitions than usual.

If you aren't getting the expected results, you should increase the number of sets of your bicep and triceps workouts, because it will obviously help you in terms of muscle growth.

4. Increase workout difficulty - Once you reach that point where you feel easier with the existing workout then you should gradually increase the resistance by adding more weight. This will help you increase your strength and arms size much faster.

  • Increase the number of repetitions per sets.
  • Gradually increase the weight of your isolation exercises.

5. Don't forget to train your triceps - Although most people just focus on their biceps, but the triceps muscles are bigger than your biceps which will help your arms look bigger. Also triceps grow much bigger than biceps so train them as you train your biceps.

  • First of all, select the best triceps isolation exercises that effectively build muscle.
  • Add an extra set per week to your arm exercises for faster muscle growth.

6. Eat more and better - No matter how much exercise or how many repetitions you do, if you are underweight, your arms will not get bigger. The first thing is to increase your muscle mass, is gained by eating well and enough.

  • To gain muscle size you'll need more calories than you burn.
  • Take care of your diet because 70% of results depend on what you eat.

Mistakes that Affect your arms Growth

1. Doing only curls - Curls are good for building biceps, but you will never grow arms bigger if you focusing only curl. Your arms also have other bigger muscle than your biceps which help to increase the size. Curls are not the most effective way to grow arms as they isolate only the biceps.

  • You should include other arms exercises in your routine.
  • Other arm exercises are important for your overall arms development.

2. Improper arms workout routine - If you don't have fixed workout routine for each day or you are doing random workout then it can hamper your muscle growth. if you want to get bigger arms, you should begin your workout with arm exercises.

  • Because exercises that performed at the beginning of a workout session will help to grow that muscle faster and gives you more benefits from the workout.
  • Since your muscles are fresh, which help to perform the exercises without affecting the form.

3. Changing the exercises frequently - Nothing works if you don't stick to your workout plan or constantly changing the exercises. Each exercise train your muscle different way, so changing your workout routine frequently is not the best option for building bigger arms.

  • Instead of this, you can add new arms exercises in your routine, that way you can easily track your progress.
  • Also you'll need right isolation exercises that effectively target your biceps and triceps.

4. Inadequate rest - Rest is most important part of fitness routine because it allows the body to recover from training. Over training will affect your muscle growth and performance. You don't have to train your arms everyday to get bigger arms, 2 days per week are enough. This way you also prevent over training, since your muscle grow during the rest,

  • Make a proper workout plan according to your choice that covers everything including rest days.
  • Eat healthy foods that boost your muscle recovery and size.

Exercises to get bigger arms

However, if you are beginner then you should start your journey with compound exercises, because they help you develop strength in your overall body, and then you can easily switch to heavy isolation arms exercises.

1. Biceps and forearms - Barbell curl or dumbbell curl are best exercises for biceps and forearm growth, as they only target that muscle and increase the strength and muscle growth. They also improve your grip strength but make sure do them with proper form and perform slow rep to get more benefits from the exercise.

2. Triceps - For overall triceps development dips, bench press and weighted pushups are the best exercise. Although they are compound exercises which also help to build mass in your upper body.

3. Compound exercises - Barbell rows, dead lifts, squats and chin ups are the exercises which not only help you get bigger arms but good for your upper body strength and development, these exercises are better than curls. Also when you do chin ups you pull your overall body weight which could be heavier than doing curls.

Simple Workout Routine to get Bigger Arms

The following routine should be done once a week for better muscle growth.

1. Barbell Curl - Stand straight with your chest out, hold the barbell with your hands by using underhand grip. Now, raise the hands and lower slowly, and repeat.

  • Do this 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Make sure don't move your body, lift the barbell without moving your body

2. Narrow grip bench press - This upper body compound exercise will build massive triceps which makes your arms look bigger. Hold the bar with shoulder width or you can place your hand closer. Raise and lower the bar slow and controlled motion.

  • Do this 4 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • This exercise also build mass in your shoulder and chest.

3. Standing cable curl - Cable curl are effective for your biceps like barbell or dumbbell curls, however, cable can offer you few extra benefits than dumbbell. Take a straight bar and attach it to the cable of lower pulley, hold the bar with shoulder width apart. Extend your arms while holding the bar. Raise the bar to the chest and pause for one second, then lower the bar to extended arms position.

  • Do this 2 sets of 15-20 reps.
  • This is the best exercise for your biceps growth.

4. Rope pushdowns - This exercise target your triceps muscle. Grab a rope and place it on an upper pulley cable, adjust the grip about chest height. Hold the rope, keep the elbows close to the body. lower the rope until your arms extended, hold for one second. Return to the starting position in a controlled movement.

  • Do this 2 sets of 15-20 reps.

Arm Workouts at Home

Off-course you can increase your arms size without weight, let's see which exercises and workouts you need to get bigger arms at home.

  • Diamond Push-Ups - They are amazing triceps builder but quite difficult than normal pushups. Get to the plank or push-up position. Put your hands under your chest; touch your fingers and thumbs together to make a diamond shape. Go down slowly then push up.
  • Handstand walk against wall - Stand on your hand with your feet against a wall. Move your hands forward and walk along the wall until you reach the bottom.
  • Body weight Dips - They are excellent for building upper body mass. You'll need a dip bar or you can place two chairs or boxes. Hold it with your hands shoulder-width apart, slowly lower yourself and push up with only using your hands.
  • Bicep curl with backpack - You can put books in your backpack to increase weight. Stand with backpack in one hand and start doing curls slowly and controlled manner.
  • Bent over backpack rows Another great exercise for your arms and back development. Grab the backpack handles in your hands, bend forward and pull the backpack near your chest.


If you want to increase your arms size, obviously you have to train them with right technique and workout. However The muscles will grow when you give them important nutrients and when you create anabolic hormonal environment. It can help to repair the broken muscle tissues and your muscle will grow stronger and bigger.

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