Diamond Push ups Benefits, How to, and Tips


Push-ups are the best bodyweight exercise you can do to get toned and well defined upper body. Although diamond push-ups (triangle push ups) are difficult but they are very effective exercise for building strength.

Also you can do this exercise regularly like normal or any other push ups. Diamond push ups works your whole body such as chest, triceps, shoulder, core or abdominal muscles and your legs muscles.

This variation greatly targets your triceps and upper chest also it helps to tone your shoulder and arms.

However, diamond push ups are not the easiest exercises, but adding them in your fitness routine can give you several advantages.

Diamond Push ups Benefits

1. Improve upper body strength - Upper body strength is the most important sign of being fit and healthy body, which not only help in weight lifting but also in your daily activities such as pulling, pushing and whatever you do physically. Besides, it helps your body to balance properly while running.

Doing correct form of diamond pushups effectively train your shoulders, arms, triceps, chest, abdominal muscles, butt and leg muscles. Training all these muscles together will provide powerful and well defined upper body, which everybody craves for.

2. Help you get toned abs - As we know, any kind of pushups target abdominal or core muscles. If you want to get abs faster, diamond push ups can definitely help you. This modified version of pushups activates your core muscles, make sure engage your abdominal or core muscles to get this benefit while doing diamond pushups.

However, diamond pushups alone are not the best option to get toned abs, there are plenty of exercises that help and effectively target your abs. If you are curious to know how to get abs faster, read this article 20 best ways to get six pack abs.

3. Great exercise for triceps - Because of different hand position, diamond push ups target your triceps more than regular pushups. This is the best exercise for those who want to get toned and strengthens triceps muscle.

Even study found that narrow hands position activates triceps muscles more than wider hands position. Doing it regularly will definitely improve strength and definition in your triceps.

4. Stronger as well as defined shoulder and chest - Having stronger and defined chest not only increases your physical attractiveness but also good for your overall fitness. However, most people think that diamond pushups only good for triceps but fact is they also have benefits your chest (Pectoralis major and minor).

Besides push ups also works on your shoulder (Anterior Deltoid), But narrower hand position activate shoulder greater than other normal push ups which improve strength in shoulders.

5. Help you develop strength for one arm pushup - Doing one arm push ups require more strength in your arms and upper body. But many people don't focus on correct progression that builds strength for one arm push ups.

Diamond push ups build incredible strength in your triceps, then you can move to archer push ups which needs strong triceps. Once you master in archer push ups you can move toward one arm push ups.

6. Few more benefits of diamond push ups - Above are not only the benefits you get from this exercise, here are the list of additional benefits:

  • Improve your balance and coordination
  • Help to burn extra calories
  • Strengthens your core muscles
  • Improve your fitness and cardiovascular system
  • Can help to maintain upper body muscle mass and bone density
  • Can help you get a toned and more attractive upper body. Also they are great exercise for your arms, abs and back muscles.

Muscles worked with diamond push ups

The main muscles worked are the pectorial muscle, triceps and shoulder, although secondary muscles such as abdominal or core, obliques and quadriceps helping to maintain the adequate position.

However, you will get a great workout with diamond push ups or after doing a good number of repetitions. That's why they are good for your upper body muscles which build strength, and help to build muscle and lean mass.

How to do Diamond (triangle) Push ups

It's better to do it on mat or soft surface, If you do it on a hard surface it can hurt your hands and wrist.

You may not able to do it perfectly at the beginning, but with time and a little practice can make it easy, follow these steps:

  • Get to the plank or push-up position; you should look at floor to reduce neck stress.
  • Put your hands under your chest; touch your fingers and thumbs together to make a diamond shape.
  • Keep your core engaged and back straight.
  • Go down slowly then push up, make sure your fingers should be in diamond shape.
  • Repeat as many as you can.

You can make it easy by changing your feet position. To reduce the difficulty, beginners can perform diamond push-ups with knees resting on the floor.

Make sure raise and lower your shoulders and hips at the same time in controlled manner. It will help to keep your body aligned while doing pushups.

Besides, it's important that your elbows should be close to your body during the movement to prevent injuries and work on the right muscles.

Tips Before Doing Diamond Pushups

  • You must have the basic strength to do this, because it is an advanced move.
  • Do it slow and controlled form to avoid any kind of injury.
  • Don't push your limit especially if you are doing at first time.
  • Stay consistent and make progress gradually to get stronger upper body.
  • Focus on breath and stay hydrated for better performance.

Whenever you exercise, always challenge yourself to get better results from your workout. You can do as many as repetitions according to your fitness level. How many push ups repetitions you can do, also good for knowing your fitness level.

Only correct form can give you the more benefits, you can also use mirror to correct your form.

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