How to Improve Push ups for Women & Men, Exercises

How to get Better at Pushups


How many push ups you do, is a best way to know about your fitness. Though, doing 20 push ups in a row quite difficult not only for beginners but also those who do regular exercise.

Do you want to improve your push ups? if you are struggling while doing push ups then, you should focus on improving basic strength and the right progression.

However, with practice you can easily improve your push ups. In this article you will know which exercises and tips can help to increase the numbers of push ups.


Ways to Improve your Push ups Repetitions

There are many ways that help to improve number of repetitions such as, the speed of movement, elevated surface or different variations which could help to increase or decrease the difficulty. The more often you train, the better you get.

Push-ups considered as the best chest exercises. they can be done anywhere and anytime without any equipment. Following are the best tips that help you increase pushups repetitions within 2-3 weeks.

1. Increase Pushups repetitions per session

The best way is of-course you need to challenge yourself and add more number of repetitions while doing push-ups. You can increase the number of repetitions per set, for example if you do 5 push ups then try to do 7 push ups per set. This will improve your strength and push-up repetitions. Moreover it is also good for improving your endurance.


2. Change Your Pushups Speed

It is important to change speed of the movement, increase the speed of your pushups which help to add more repetitions. Fast push ups are good for improving your explosive power whereas, slow repetitions is good for strength which increases difficulty of the push ups.

To improve your fitness with push-ups, do them regular in your workout session. You can try different variations such as slow push-ups in one session and explosive push-ups in the next. Combination of both is perfect for improving your strength and endurance.

3. Try Different Push ups Variations

Push ups are best exercise for strengthening your upper body, but there are number of variations.

To increase the exercise intensity you can put your feet on elevated surface, do close grip pushups or diamond push ups, or archer push ups.

Beginners should perform push ups on their knees, or you can also place your hands higher. Use a wall or bench to make the exercise easier.


Exercises to Improve your Push-ups

With this simple workout, you can strengthen and improve your push ups effectively within few weeks

1. Do Push-up and Plank Together

It is a best method to improve your push-up and fitness, plank is best exercise that improves your isometric endurance which can help to increase your repetitions.

  • Start with push ups, take rest for 20 seconds and then do 30 seconds plank hold.
  • Continue until you can no longer perform any repetitions or you can reduce the number of repetitions.

2. Side-Plank

The Side-Plank strengthens the shoulders, oblique and which help to maintain correct posture while doing push ups.

  • Place one hand under the shoulder and "stack" your feet on top of each other.
  • Your body should form a straight line from head to toe.
  • Hold for 30 seconds, and then do with opposite direction.

3. Medicine ball push up

Push-ups with medicine ball are very challenging compared to standard push ups, because you have to stabilize your whole body. This exercise good for balance as you're constantly try to stabilize your whole body to keep the balance.

  • Place your hands on medicine ball and get in the plank position.
  • Keep your back straight and lower slowly until your chest touches to the ball.
  • Repeat the movement as much as you can.

4. Standing dumbbell fly

This exercise strengthens the upper body such as back and shoulder, which can help increase the stability in the push-up.

  • Grab two light weight dumbbells and bend your knees slightly forward.
  • Bend forward slightly while keeping your back straight.
  • Raise your arms out to sides and pull your shoulder blades together, slowly lower.
  • Do 10-12 repetitions, 3-4 sets.



Here are few common questions and answers regarding to pushups

Why are push-ups so hard?

Fact is push ups are not difficult, it's about physical strength, if you aren't perform a single push up then it could be hard for you. But people who do them regularly they can easily perform push ups without any difficulty.

What are the disadvantages of push-ups?

However, push ups are safe exercise when done with correct form, but it can injure your shoulder and arm if you do them with bad form. You can switch to the easier version like knee pushups or wall push ups. Then you can move to to difficult variations once you master in basic pushups.

Which muscles are used in push-ups?

It is a compound exercise which mainly targets your chest, shoulder, core and triceps. However, during the exercise, if performed correctly, it also activates other muscles such as rhomboideus and traps, biceps and triceps. Besides it also works on your lower body such as glutes stabilizes the hips, stretches your legs muscles which makes it a great full body exercise.

How to do push-ups correctly?

The correct form gives you much more benefits. First of all go to the plank position and extend your legs so that the body forms a straight line from head to toe, lower the body with controlled movement and push up with the force. If it hurt your wrist you can try it on soft surface or wear wrist bands or gloves.


If you follow above tips then you will definitely notice improvements in your pushups and your fitness. Make sure take proper rest and nutrition because they are crucial for any fitness program. Also taking proper rest recovers your muscle and improves your performance.

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