Yoga vs Gym - Is Yoga Better than Weights? and Benefits

Yoga vs Gym Workouts: Which one is better?


Is it better to do yoga instead of lifting weights? Each has its own unique benefits. With yoga you can tone your muscles definition, whereas gym is good for building as well as toning muscles. However, there are certain limitations of doing bodyweight exercises.

Yoga and weights both help to stay in shape. Although both works in very different ways. Both are good for improving your fitness.

For most people, a yoga session is more beneficial than gym. Yoga and weights are two different ways to keep your body in shape.

It may take some time, to learn yoga than lifting weights. If you are not sure about which one is best forms of exercise then don't skip this article.

Benefits of Yoga

1. Common yoga benefits

First of all, the most important thing is, it doesn't matter how much weight you lift. Weight training doesn't make your arms as strong as, holding your own body weight.

Moreover, in yoga you moving from one pose to another which helps to improve lubrication of the joints, strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility or elasticity and improve your heart rate.

2. Yoga can protect you from cardiovascular diseases.

Yoga gives you similar benefits just as running or other cardio activity. A study found that yoga can improve your cardiovascular system and protract from high blood sugar, blood pressure, high cholesterol which causes most common cardiovascular diseases.

All you have to do is, just focus on breathing with your movements. Or, you can try some kundalini yoga poses.

3. Yoga improve flexibility and mobility

Weight training is about lifting, and not on increasing the body's flexibility, on the other hand, yoga help to increase your body's flexibility and mobility, which makes your movement easier such as turning, leaning or bending. Yoga has many poses that target and stretches various joints of the body, including joints that are not targeted by weight training.

4. No injuries

Yoga is safe activity because you don't lift external weight. However, weight training are more prone to injuries, with yoga, you concentrate on your mind the body. This helps to improve your focus and mood. It also improves your ability to move easily. Besides, improved focus allows you to pay attention to how your body feels in every moment.

However, yoga is good for improving functional strength. you can build strength by practicing yoga, but strength training such as lifting weight has different benefits.

5. Yoga can save your money

You can practice yoga at home, all you need is a mat and comfortable clothes, and you can wear any piece of clothes that allows you to move freely.

To make your yoga session more enjoyable, you can wear headphones, listen music. Besides, you can find many free tutorial videos on internet which also help to keep you motivated.

6. You can do it anywhere.

Without the need of any equipment, you must give it a try. It doesn't matter if you are at home, or in the park. If you want to learn that skill or want to improve your fitness, you can practice yoga wherever you want.

7. Yoga helps to lose weight

Not only it burns calories but also it trains your mind to follow a healthy lifestyle which helps to improve your body and your diet, possibly you may eat healthy foods instead of junk or unhealthy food.

Eating right food with right quantity is important part of losing weight than just burning lot of calories.

8. Lot of exercises you can do at home

Every day you can do different types of exercises in yoga; there are plenty of exercises depending on your level. Beginners can choose easy variations, whereas advance person can choose difficult variations. If you want to challenge yourself then you can try balancing exercise. To calm your mind you can do breathing exercises. There are also different types of yoga, choose what is best for you.

What makes gym different than yoga?


Gym offers different benefits than yoga. However gym can increase your hunger because one session of weight training burn lot of calories, let's see the difference.

  • For gym you need equipment, without it you can't perform any exercise.
  • Gym could far away from home; also, not everyone can afford gym equipment at home.
  • Sometimes gym can be overcrowded which also cost your precious time.
  • Most people stop going to gym after 2-4 days or after getting sore muscles.
  • Gym has only physical benefits although, it also improves your mood.
  • Gym is good for burning calories at short time because of the workout intensity.
  • With weight training you can build big muscles but they do not increase your flexibility like yoga.
  • Weight training can increase pain in your muscles whereas yoga helps to ease the muscle pain.


Both are good in their place because each has different benefits. But if you do both together then it will gives you more benefits. However, it is recommended to do strength training at least twice a week for better health. If you don't like lifting weight then you can go with yoga. You should always choose what is best for you according to your fitness level.

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