12 things that make your girlfriend happy

Ways to make your girlfriend happy

If you want to keep your girlfriend happy and better relationship, following tips will help you.


No one has the secret to a permanent happy relationship, it is impossible. However, having arguments and misunderstanding is common in every relationship, it's all about ups and downs.

Sometimes, you may have a hard time to understand what she wants, or you might think how to let her know that you love her.

It takes some efforts to keep your girlfriend happy, with these tips you can easily maintain a healthy relationship with your girlfriend.

1. Be honest with your girlfriend

Honesty is a very important part of a happy relationship, you should not be afraid to tell her about your feelings, as she is the closest person you have. If you are, confused about something, or having a problem in your life or need something, tell her. This way she will know about your feelings. No one can read your thoughts, and to solve any problem you should talk about it with your girlfriend.

2. Treat her with respect

Every girl loves it when their boyfriend respects them. If you respect her then she will, which help keep your bond stronger and healthier. You can do some little things for her like opening the door or offering your jacket; she will remember that and definitely love these little moves that you do for your girlfriend. A gentleman always takes care of his girlfriend and treats them with respect.

3. Give her a genuine compliment

Instead of short sentence like "you are looking beautiful" you can say this "That dress perfectly fit on you and your hairstyle are really looks great and perfectly match on your personality. Really you look so beautiful". Such kind of compliments considered honest and more attractive than boring and common words.

Compliment her at unexpected time; tell her she's looking excellent in that new dress. Unexpected compliment works much better. This will make her happy but, make your compliment should be truthful and don't overdo this.

4. Be positive with your girlfriend

Encourage a positive attitude towards life and don't let your partner feel de-motivated. Be hopeful and confident about the future. You can always joke about problems with your girlfriend, laugh together, draw conclusions and face every challenge together but don't lose hope. Such attitude is enough to make her happy, which also make your girlfriend feel comfortable of being with you.

5. Don't keep your relationship secret

Although, you should take your time but, don't be embarrassed to introduce her or show her to your family members. Honest men are not afraid to show the world that they have found a good woman. People talk openly about things they value. By doing this you tell her that she is your priority, and you feel proud to show the world that you have a great girlfriend. If you do this, she will always feel secure and happy to be with you.

6. Always support her

In life, sometimes we all go through difficult times, experience failures and many more that negatively affect our mood and self-confidence. During that time you should support her, just let her know that you understand your girlfriend and always there for her whenever she needs you. Also, pay attention to your partner's wants and needs, it is very simple which makes your girlfriend feel much better.

7. Make her feel special

Tell her that you're thinking about her. You can call her and send a text whenever you thinking about your girlfriend or you can plan a surprise date. Send her text like "good morning, How are you" it is a great way to tell your girlfriend that she is special for you. Girl loves it and always willing to know that she is the one, who come her boyfriend's mind right after waking up.

8. Appreciate what she does for you

Show your feelings and feel free to give her love and affection she need because, it's important thing that help make a strong bond. This will instantly make your girlfriend happy.

Tell your girlfriend that you like it what she does for you. Everything good that happens between you, just tell her how much you value it.

9. Give surprise to make her happy

Surprise her with bouquet of flowers or gift; give her something special that will make her miss you. a photo both of you would be a great idea, she will definitely like it. However, unplanned surprises works much better, you can make an unplanned romantic dinner or date to her favorite place. If possible you should hang-out in new places that you never went, which will increase your girlfriend excitement and happiness.

10. Spend quality time with your girlfriend

When you are with your loved one stop using your mobile for a while, enjoy with your girlfriend rather than focusing on other things. Don't get distracted with things such as work and everyday worries, just put them aside whenever you spend time with her.

11. Give her space

Remember that you can't be together 24/7, let her focus on things that she loved and you should also focus on your hobbies. Fell in love doesn't mean giving up on your hobbies and interests. You don't have to sacrifice each other's interests in the name of a strong relationship; else you will lose all your value and respect. Keep everything in balance if you want a better and long lasting relationship.

12. Make good memories with your girlfriend

People always remember good memories; they help to create a powerful bond between you and your girlfriend. You can visit amusement park or the places that help to build good memories. Fill your life with great and memorable things. Because watching something on TV together will never leave an indelible mark on your memory.

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