How to Burn 500 Calories in 20 minutes

How to Burn 500 Calories at Home


Do you want to burn calories without hitting a gym? You can burn 500 calories without spending an hour in gym. All you need is 20 minutes to improve your body composition and burn those extra pounds.

There are various methods that help to burn enough calories such as doing workout, calories restricted diet and physical activities such as walking.

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In this article you will know everything that will help you burn almost 500 calories without spending too much time. Following tips also help boost your metabolism that increases your calories expenditure while rest.

How to burn 500 calories?

Following are the important things you need:

  • Free time - of course 20 minutes of free time for exercising, all the exercises are body weight so you can do them anytime according to your schedule.
  • Compound Exercises - You should only focus on compound exercise because they burn more calories in short time, also they train multiple muscle at a time which is good for overall body development.
  • High Intensity - Lower rest duration as it increases the workout intensity (higher intensity burn more calories) source.
  • Rest and nutrition - It is a very important part of fitness routine because, if you don't take enough rest it will affect your metabolism and calories burning capacity. Nutrients allow your body to work properly, and provide energy that you need for daily activity and workout.


Exercises to burn 500 calories in 20 minutes

Before beginning here are some important tips that will make your workout more effective:

  • You should do them as circuit training; you can do as many as repetitions but try to do at least 12-15 reps per exercise.
  • Don't stick to same workout routine for long time because, If you always do the same ones, your body will end up getting used to them and will reduce its effectiveness. Good news is you can make your workout more challenging with variations.
  • After completing each circuit, get at least 1 minutes of rest, it will allow your muscles to recover for next circuit. If one minute is not enough then take 2 minutes and focus on your breath while working out.


Here are the exercises that will help you burn almost 500 calories without taking your much time

1. Skipping rope

Skipping rope is the favorite exercise of many athletes, always begin with skipping because, not only it is a great cardiovascular activity, but also good for warming up your body. Skipping rope is whole body exercise that tones your overall body and burn calories. Increasing the intensity of skipping rope can burn almost 1300 calories per hour (source).

2. Push-ups

Want better upper body? Then pushups will help you. They are not only good for your chest but also your overall body including your core. You try different push-up variations such as clap pushup, decline push-ups, handstand pushups and there are many more that increases pushups difficulty and help you build incredible strength.

3. Squats

Squats are the best lower body compound exercise that tone and strengthen your leg, hips, quadriceps and gluts. They burn enough calories. While squatting you work on your biggest muscles which burn enough calories. If you do squats with backpack (with weights) then it will burn even more than bodyweight squats. They are good for overall lower body development.

4. Burpee

Very challenging and effective full body exercise, this excise works on your upper and lower body. This move involves Standing up and bending down. You can add jumping burpee to make it more challenging.

5. Forearm plank

Forearm plank are one of the best core exercise that tone and strengthens your midsection, it also improve your posture and balance. Place your forearms on the floor and keep your leg straight and core engaged. Try to hold this position for 20-30 seconds.

6. Table Inverted Row

This exercise trains your back muscles, begin with lying under the table with extended legs. Grab the table edges with your hands using overhand grip. Hand position slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Engage your back and pull yourself until your chest touches to table and then lower slowly.


How to do exercises to burn 500 calories in 20 minutes

To make these exercises much more effective you can do them in following ways:

  • Skipping rope 100 reps, then 10-20 sec rest.
  • Pushups as many as you can, and then 10-20 sec rest.
  • Squats as many as you can, rest for 10-20 sec.
  • Burpee as many as you can, 30 second rest.
  • Inverted Rows 13-15 reps, rest 20 seconds.
  • Plank 30-40 seconds hold.
  • After finishing the circuit allows at least 1-2 minutes rest then repeat again.

Does this workout really burn 500 calories?

According to source with low intensity activity, a 154 pound adult can burn 235 calories in 60 minutes, whereas with high intensity same person can burn almost 320 calories in 20 minutes.

Also high intensity workout boosts your metabolism for longer duration which help burn more calories while resting.

But make sure don't do high intensity circuit training more than 3 days, 20-30 minutes. You can try many variations to increase the workout difficulty such as jumping squats, one leg plank, one leg squats, and decline or diamond pushups. There are many variations that increase the workout intensity.

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